Sony Ericsson trademarks the “Xperia Ion” name


  • Mark

    I’d love to see google work with Sony to make the next Nexus device. Some amazing sony designed phone with pure android would kick a*s.

  • keiYUI

    Hey isn’t that Fido’s house logo? lol 🙂

    • Jason

      I noticed that too keiYUI… LOL

  • billy

    why wouldn’t you already know what an ion is? that is something everyone learns in like grade 9 or 10.

    • Dimitri k

      Some may not learn it & some way have forgotten about it. Does it really matter tho?

    • Jer

      I’m sure most ppl wouldn’t know what it is. Not everyone is all smart and cool like you, ya know?

  • Worked on SonyEricsson device

    Sony did try to work with Google for the sony tablet and the XPeria Play. But there were many differences, Sony was not budging to relax DRM and hence Google dropped Sony and sonyEricsson and started working on Nexus S for GB release.

    • Patty

      What a load of crap!

  • T1MB1T

    This is BS this was supposed to be a wind excursive! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THE BRIBES GOING ON! Now that wind has bought its only rival the road is clear for us to get some great phones! Stop the bribes!

  • Mark

    Lol people get all up in arms when someone claims they don’t know who lady gaga is, but if someone says “you don’t know what an ion is? (hint: it is one of the most basic concepts taught in school unless your curriculum sucks)”, everyone is quick to mock them as ‘brainiac’ and what not. Nice world we live in eh? Promoting stupidity every single day.