TELUS says the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE is “coming soon”


  • Sean

    How about they get an LTE network with phones first then come out with LTE tablets

  • Moose

    I think if Telus forgets its western roots and doesn’t at least include Calgary or Edmonton in its initial roll out of their LTE network there will be alot of people in western canada wondering what they have supported them for. I know several business that are just waiting for LTE in Calgary and will gladly switch to whoever has it first. Telus doesnt want to lose the western business market it has done well to gain support in.

  • telus employee

    There is lte testing going on right now in Calgary. Telus’ lte will most likely launch in all major cities at the same time

  • Dave

    Being a little pessimistic here but remember how ‘coming soon’ meant a 4/5 month wait for the galaxy s2 X? concerned I haven’t set up their LTE services yet. I have a feeling LTE devices won’t be available until probably this summer or early fall. Although hopefully after that the LTE devices will start rolling out regularly.

  • Croak

    The Tab LTE also supports 42Mbs DC HSPA+, which is available pretty much everywhere in the Bellus network, which means they don’t have to wait for LTE rollout to start selling it.

  • arcsvibe

    I used to work for Telus a while back. In Quebec at least every tablet launch was a disaster. Playbooks and Zooms just sat in our backstores gathering dust. Hope it works for them this time.

  • Telus employee

    Telus has been testing LTE in the Vancouver market for months. Only a few key people know the launch date to the public, but I think it is fair to say first of second quarter.