Public Mobile introduces U.S. Roaming

Public Mobile – once a grand new entrant underdog in Canadian wireless – has come through in many fashions. When they first launched they released sub-par handsets that that had limited coverage, only in the core Toronto and Montreal areas. Now a year and half later they have established a customer base of over 150,000, expanded coverage to include Canadian roaming, and recently introduced 2 Android smartphones, which are both available for well under $200.

Today Public went south. The über entry level cost conscious carrier has introduced U.S roaming. In an internal doc we received it states that their “roaming coverage has expanded with the addition of a new US roaming partner. Customers can now talk and text in the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (Alaska and Montana are not included). Looks like data roaming is not set up yet. As for the rates, impressive as they are the same as the Canadian roaming. $0.15/minute for incoming and outgoing calls, plus sending a text is also $0.15 each, incoming texts are free.

Update: A press release reveals that their U.S. roaming partner is Sprint and that “with the introduction of our 3G Smartphones we also look forward to introducing data roaming in Canada and the U.S. in the coming months”.

You can check out the full US roaming here at Public
(Thanks tipster!)