Google Maps for Android updated to 6.0, adds indoor maps and improvements for OS 4.0


  • Preacher

    anyone can upload floor plans or blue prints, so if Canadian companies cared they could start uploading maps today. I’m sure some will, but with malls spending so much on making apps already i dont think they will want users switching to google instead.

    • Mark

      The problem is I don’t think Canadian Companies will care, or even be aware of this. Canadians themselves may be quick to adopt new technologies, but I find our government and businesses are pretty slow in that respects 🙁

  • WEM?

    Anyone know if West Edmonton Mall included?

  • shoo

    And How does GPS work indoors?

    Also there’s a microsoft store.

    • Ivan

      It doesn’t. It uses cell ID and wireless access points to triangulate your location. It requires the building to be mapped by Google beforehand.

  • Vineet

    Google should tie up with Tom-Tom or Garmin and come up with the in-car GPS device. It will be a Huge Hit!!!
    Nexus GPS or Nexus-Navi or something!!!

    • bob

      any android phone can already do that
      no need for Tom-Tom or Garmin. Google’s GPS solution is even better. The stock of these two companies took a 20% hit when google announced the feature.

  • Marc

    I spy, with my little eye…. the LEGO Store!

  • greg

    the map on google maps is very very old and outdated. where I live there’s lots of buildings that have been torn down and lots that have been build. This map is like 7-8 years old or so. google needs to improve there maps to be more up to date

  • Allan

    Amazing. I wish I had this a few months ago when I was at an airport in the states.

  • TheCyberKnight

    This feature has been available on Bing maps and Windows Phone for a fair amount of time now.
    Unfortunately, mostly US malls are mapped. As usual.

  • TrickyD

    This is awesome, can’t wait until it starts appearing everywhere.