Upcoming Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9790 complete pricing


  • Shavar

    Why is the 1 and 2 year term always so ridiculous from the big three?

  • Pahech

    They need to stop with the sign-2-years-get-a-measely-$100-off nonsense.

  • Joe

    The target marget states: Business users and young professionals. So basically anyone with a job, or teenagers that can convince their parents to pay the bill. In other words: everyone.

  • Alex Perrier

    i don’t get it. People here were quick to point out that $449.99 for a Bold 9790 doesn’t cost much more than the typical price tag of $350 for a Curve 9360.

    The Bold 9790 pricing is better than the 9810, 9860 and 9900 for sure. But ALL Curves, with NO exceptions, should cost under $300 each. There’s no reason to pay more!

    Contract terms should give you an uniform price depending on how long you take the contract. One saves $300 by taking 3 years, so they should save $100 for each year they take on a contract, up to three years. And of course, i’m sure the carrier doesn’t pay $450 for each BlackBerry.

    • Joe

      It doesn’t really matter what the price it as. 95% of people will purchase the phone on a 3 year contract, which, in line with most phones will always be under $100. Give it a few weeks after it’s released and that 3 year contract now gets you the phone for $0. The no term contract price is irrellevent to most people.

  • Tom@BBM

    Im willing to bet Best Buy has this at 0$ with a 100$ giftcard by new years day. Just wait, and go get it there. Not worth spending 100$.

    Any takers???

  • 2dfx

    WiFi calling? Looks like RIM delivers the UMA device everyone has been hankering for.

  • br

    This should be free considering you can get the 9900 for the same price at dealers

  • Dyanne

    9790 is the best bold i have gotten other than my old 9700 (old bold) this is slim sleek nice for people with small hands and dont like wide phones. im happy!