HTC EVO 3D Security Update now rolling out to Rogers customers


  • Tomg666

    I did this 4 days ago.

  • HAHA

    and now you can’t call 911 lol

  • Trevor

    I’ve heard the update causes random reboots

  • Mosqutus

    Old news….better than no news I suppose

  • Boid

    It’s funny how Android crowd has to put in weeks and weeks of work, constantly tweaking and modifying their phones, so they could, hopefully, get at least some sort of a decent performance out of them, while Apple peeps get a solid, working unit right away, and get get back to having a life right away. Interesting!

    • saffant

      Right and I take that that logic doesn’t apply to the iOS5/iPhone 4S battery woes, does it ?

  • Em

    We’re tweaking our phones because we’re able to and love the ability of customization our phones give us. You can’t customize because apple won’t let you. At least HTC came out with a fix for their users, unlike Apple who denies when their phone has a problem.

  • Dan

    I’m getting the upgrade now. Love my EVO 3D, it’s super fast, and simply more capable than my old Blackberry or the iPhone 4S. Anything I could think of doing on it, I CAN!

    • saffant

      Play 1080p youtube vids lag-free?

    • jay

      Yeah! Without any lagg and on 4g!

  • pewpew

    Running Bell HTC Sensation, unlocked and using on Rogers.
    I got the update about a week ago.

    Software has been updated to 2.3.4, but ever since then, Messages keeps force closing.

    Doesn’t stop me from loving it though.

  • Rogers user

    Will this update kill revolutionary root/s-off?

  • Matt S

    I get a Caution logo with a blue droid when it reboots to install the update… I am guessing this is due to the root software?