Bell comes out with $50/month 10GB LTE data plan, offers 2 months “worry free” free

Bell currently has LTE rocking in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph with more locations on the way. They only have a couple internet sticks for sale but have promised to release “LTE superphones, smartphones and tablets”. The price plans are not the most affordable – plan starts at $45 and gives you 2GB, then gradually increases up to $100 for 10GB.

Last week Rogers expanded their LTE passed Ottawa and turned it on Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In addition, Rogers came forward with a new LTE data price plan that gave early adopters 10GB data for $50/month. Bell has now done the same. Here’s the deal, customers who purchase an LTE internet stick, sign up on a 3-year term are eligible for the $50/month 10GB data plan. Unfortunately there is still the one-time $35 Activation Fee, but Bell is throwing in “2 months of worry free data, which will allow for sufficient time to freely use their device”. No details on when the promo expires… something to think about if your considering their LTE network.

Update: Rogers sent us a note about their LTE offering. “…saw your most recent post about our competitor’s LTE pricing and wanted to point out that our current offer of $52.93/10GB also includes no overage data charges for the first 2 months.”

(Thanks tipster!)