iPhone 3GS falls to $375, iPhone 4 available for $549 (8GB model)


  • Alex Perrier

    Better, but it’s still the Apple tax! Compare the 3GS to the LG Optimus Chic, and spending $300 more on the Apple product isn’t justified whatsoever.

  • bob

    Fail. Way too expensive.

  • Cyrano

    why not nexus s with that price?

    • Sean

      Nexus S is 350…

  • Matt

    Rumours were flying around that the iPhone 4 would be lowered to around $299 no-contract. Clearly that didn’t happen. $375 for a 3GS is robbery. Do yourself a favour and buy a used Galaxy S off eBay, I just picked up one for $200 taxes in.

  • KidCanada

    549 for iphone 4 8GB? Might as well get a galaxy s2..

  • iTurds

    Are u guys for real? after 3 years the price drops to such a price? IT SHOULD BE FOR FREE lol but the wannabe iTards who cannot afford the original price will buy it now and go to starbucks to show off again! its their moment.. and the iTards that are taking osap will buy the iPhone 4s then upgrade to a 20 years contract to get the iPhone 5.. lol

  • Big Testicles Sanchez

    FYI: I just traded in my bb 9900 for an iPhone 4, I feel like a new man!

    • LOL

      Correction…you feel like a new “itard”

  • Zirian

    Still expensive and a waste in my honest opinion. The 3GS should be in the $200 range, the iPhone 4 should be in the $450 range. Spend $50 + on top of $550 and I get a nice SGS II 🙂

  • Jay

    Thats $376 and $550 more than what I would spend to get these pieces of junk.

  • picks

    Way over priced I picked up a G2x for 400 and its specs beat even the new iphone 4s

    • bob

      No they don’t. The new iPhone is better.
      But given that you got this phone for only $25 than a 3GS, it’s not a bad deal.

  • Harris

    Man, Steve Jobs retired just in time.

  • Nathen

    Apple has chopped the price of the 8GB 3GS to $375 outright and unlocked, the new 8GB iPhone 4 can be yours for $549 unlocked, but ships by October 14th. Both are available in white and black.

    $375 for Iphone 8GB 3GS ? Nexus S for same money or less destroys this and is 16GB hands down.

    $549 Iphone4 8GB…save your money and get the NEW Nexus Prime for about $100 more that makes not only this phone but ALSO the just announced Iphone 4S look like Grandmas rotary AND is 32GB,,ect,ect,ect

  • Eric Lewis

    it should of been $299 for the 3GS PREPAID
    and should be $399 for the 4 8GB PREPAID

  • George

    Let me tell you something: I was a Machead back when Apple was in the doldrums, losing millions. It had nothing to do with ‘showing off’, believe me, and it still doesn’t. Nor am I an i***t: I have an advanced degree in computer science and I know what I’m doing.

    What makes you boys think you have the right to speak of other people with such contempt?