Upcoming Nokia “Ace” image and specs leak, 4.3-inch display, 1.4Ghz single core processor, runs Mango


  • unstunning

    There’s abosutely nothing stunning about those specs.

    Microsoft and Nokia are driving the hype machine to full force.

    • Shawn

      Not all phones require top of the line specs because not all phones have a badly coded OS running on it.

    • bob

      This is true, not all phones needs to have last-generation hardware. WP7 and Blackberry can do just fine with old hardware. The problem is the price. Don’t try to sell a mid-range phone for $450 or more.

  • Rich

    The AMOLED portion is interesting.
    Single core is a disappointment.
    Strangely though, Nokia makes such incredible phones that I’m still excited to see how these turn out.

    • Jimbo

      If the OS doesn’t take advantage of dual cores then there is little or no additional value in having them. After playing with Mango for the last couple of days (on a year old Samsung Focus I got for my son off ebay) I can say zero lag, so upping the cpu to 1.4 will only make it that much snappier. Carl Zeiss Lens is a great addition as well, considering how many people don’t carry their cameras anymore. I am anti apple, but a big Android supporter. My last two phones have been android, (Hero, Desire HD) rooted and running the latest and greatest roms, a regular flashing junkie. I could see myself with the Nokia Ace as my next phone.

  • Poor


  • karidian

    Windows Phones don’t have dual core processors. But this OS will run better than any android running dual cores. I think the numbers are confusing consumers.

    Ask anyone with an Atrix or Nexus S how they like they phone when a 1ghz year old windows phone still runs rings around it.

    • astudent

      I borrowed my friends Nexus S to compare it with my lg optimus 7, I changed the ROMs of the nexus to see which one worked the best. Honestly, I really think the UI on wp7 is outstanding in fluidity, efficiency and simplicity. There were only 2 builds that I felt a comparable experience with the nexus, however I can go to any wp7 and have the same experience. That says a lot.

    • daveloft

      I have a Nexus S and I love it. It’s fast and perfectly smooth. I’m running stock with Launcher Pro. My wife has an HTC Sensation which is also stock with Launcher Pro.

      Both navigate the OS extremely well and smoothly and the dual core in the Sensation isn’t noticed till you get into some high end 3D games and web browsing. The web browser on the Sensation blows away any single core rendered browser I’ve used from Android to WP7 and to the iPhone.

      I also noticed a big difference in multitasking and web browsing on the iPad 2 compared to the iPad. Just like a desktop using a multitasking OS with a multi core CPU is clearly better. Only fanboys of a phone that does not have a multi core option would argue otherwise.

  • Wia

    I have been using Nokia for a decade. All my phones are Nokias. But I have been very disappointed with Nokia. The paint on the buttons of my current phone falls off, the volume buttons on the side both came off. And I don’t even dare to shut down my phone, because when you start it up, it just freezes and I’ll have to take the battery out and start it up for like 10+ times until it works. I’m having the worst of experiences with Nokia. I have been loyal to them, but I think it is time to try something new. Maybe HTC.

  • Trey

    Theres absolutely no need for this device to be dual core.
    My 1 GHz Focus runs Phone 7 smoother than my girlfriends dual core Optimus 2x runs Android.

    It all comes down to the OS people…

    What a beautiful design… Im going to buy it no question.

  • Overkill

    I just want to know if these will have penta band 3g. It would be nice to have a Nokia WP7 device on Wind.

  • jellmoo

    So very excited about these. Those are some great specs for WP7.5 devices. Given how buttery smooth Mango already is on current hardware, these should really up the ante.

    I love the 1800mAh battery on the Ace. Battery life should be stellar.

    Sea Ray, Ace, Titan or Focus S… It’s gonna be a great time for mobile lovers when these handsets are available.

  • zar

    I’ll be skeptical until I try one. Don’t particularly like the Mango design, but all the talk about fluidity got me intrigued. As for being a Nokia phone, the last one I had, an N95, was very disappointing and ended up being unusable since the proprietary charging port stopped working altogether, and the phone wouldn’t allow charging via USB. So, Nokia better have up-to-date hardware designs as well.

  • Slype

    These are okay specs right now but by the time they make it to Canada, they will have missed the boat (pardon the pun). I’m anxious to start using my phone as my laptop replacement so bring on the dual cores! Bluetooth mice and keyboards connectivity would be nice too with an HDMI out port.

    Nokia’s focus has always been Europe and Asia and this show they are not changing that mentality. Oh well. I had secretly hoped this time it would be different.

    • aka

      makes sense, they’re going after the most populated markets first, Canada is a small country in terms of population density. if you really want it badly, than import it. it’s not like they denied every releasing anything for the Canadian market, just a matter of time.

  • Kenny

    Looks like they’re doing what they said they would do, go after the less-techie afordable market.

  • Rich

    Generally more cores = less energy consumption. Meaning, it is important on a variety of levels.

  • Jamma

    Wow if RIM had those spec everyone would be posting welcome to 2008. Everyone falls for the spec hype.

  • dan

    WP7 single core = Android dual core

    They run their respected OS’s just about the same.

    • bob

      Yeah Right. And DOS fly on a 66 MHz CPU. But it still sucks.

    • aka

      I agree on the dual-core debate, if there’s little to no benefit to the experience, other than increasing battery consumption and price, then it’s pointless to include it at this point. Save it for WP8 if necessary.

      The OS runs more than fine on 1.4Ghz single-core. For ‘bob’ or any other trolls in these comments that don’t agree, you obviously have not tried WP7 or WP7.5 for more than a cursory glance to know any better.

  • Baconeater

    Is there any chance that these phones could be under $400? If so I think there’s a chance. Be interesting to see how Mango manages resources / memory.

    • bob

      These phones aren’t worth more than $350 but I bet they will still sell for $500. And then they will wonder why WP7 doesn’t take off.

    • aka

      One thing that Nokia is good for is making good quality phones through all price ranges. What you’re willing to pay and what they product sells for are completely separate issues.

  • Dave

    – 4.3-inch AMOLED screen
    – 8-megapixel AutoFocus camera with Carl Zeiss lens
    – 1.4Ghz single core processor
    – HSPA+ connectivity
    – 16GB of storage
    – An 1800mAh battery

    It will put an End of mystery for iphone 5,6,7 as we know it.

  • Montrealer

    I was hoping a more original design considering its Nokia. The searay is still a beauty. Hope it comes out soon in Canada.

  • PreferredGeoff

    None of our carriers are picking up the new WM7 phones anytime soon. The sell rate on the existing phones is terrible. some bestbuy stores have never even moved 1 wm7 phone since launch. I like the OS but the hardware is so lacking 11 months after release that people have lost interest or simply just forgot about WM7 and MS has done nothing in Canada to promote it or make people aware.

  • outsider

    Mango is too simple an OS to even need dual core. It has 2 screens and endless scrolling. Meh.

  • Lilmoe

    I can’t believe some people here are discussing multicore architecture when they obviously don’t know much about it. Up till gingerbread, android’s ui and browser do NOT benefit from multi cores, neither does iOS or wp7. It all comes from the core’s improved architecture on the same clock speed. Only games and other high end apps currently benefit from extra cores. However, iOS and mango DO benifet from the GPU for UI (hardeware acceleration), that’s why they run ‘smoother’. Ipad2’s dual core a5’s purpose was for games and media apps. It’s not because they are ‘better coded’ than android, but because android was designed without hardware acceleration in mind (which I think is poor design). It’s also not true to say that dual core chips consume more energy, old single core pentium4 consumes more energy than a faster dual core i5, and each core inside an i5 runs faster than the former even on lower clock speeds… However, back to OS, android 4.0 will utilize All cores of a chip AND will have gpu accelerated 2d graphics, which will make older compatible devices MUCH MUCH faster and smoother. The difference in performance between android pre 4.0 ui/browser and post 4.0 on older devices will be stunning. Just like u gave microsoft a chance to show mango, give google the chance show a taste of their ice cream sandwich treat…