Bell Samsung Galaxy S II dropping to $24.99 on 3-year at Best Buy


  • Sean

    When i was in London almost every phone they had was free on contract that was $50 a month for 2 years. Why can’t we have that here i mean the carriers will obviously make up the price of the phone so just make them all free at the start

  • Alex

    What a success this flagship phone was!

    I feel bad for someone paying more than 0$ for an Android phone when its value goes down as fast as his fragmentation.

    • bob

      So you actually prefer to pay more for your phones? No? So what’s the problem here?
      Early adopters paid the full $170. Or even $600. I see nothing wrong in the price dropping over time. New phones come out, we call this competition.

  • EmperumanV

    I wonder what the reason is for that.

  • The Book of Jobs

    Bold 9900 is a better device

    • Dom

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA chu crazy man.

  • Matt

    not to long until we see it hit $0!
    Correction: too

    Its quite simple, mobile phone contracts make stores a lot of profit, so even if the store takes a hit like this on device costs, with three year term theyre still looking at over 200 dollars.

  • Dom

    The price is dropping because Samsung wants to dump as many as they can before the Iphone 5 comes out.

    • Dom

      Also Bell wants to snag as many off contract Rogers customers as they can before Rogers comes out with their version of the Galaxy S2.

  • Adam

    wait… The Book of Jobs..

    an iTroll not trolling for Apple?
    the world really IS ending.

    • The Book of Jobs

      I used a Bold 9900 and actually like it!

  • Stephen81BB

    Remember when everyone said how only reason why BlackBerry was selling was because of BoGo offers, and free phones.
    MOST of those users where Early Android adopters, now Android is having the same thing done to them..

    I think it is awesome for the Consumers, but funny that all the people harping on BlackBerry are not Harping here.

    iPhone 4 Also got a heavy discount this week, the Carriers are unloading their stock to make way for new devices for the Christmas season, they have their BackToSchool surplus

    • saffant

      Except… that’s not the only reason Android is selling; It’s selling because it’s a better platform than BB and iOS.

  • aka

    The reason why Android is selling is due to all the exotic hardware that’s being made with it. No other platform updates and takes advantage of their hardware specs faster than on Android system.

    As for the price reduction, it’s to be expected when new technology and products are emerging in the coming months. Old inventory gotta be moved to make space for new devices.

  • kingk

    Makes no difference what price it is as long as they get you into a 3 year contract that’s all that matters.

    You mean you can afford a $30 phone but not a $99 phone?

  • joejoE

    the off-contract price is still the same so they are just fishing for contracts before the iphone comes out.

    3 year contracts are illegal in the UK.. the way it should be

  • david

    anyone know if bell has 30 day price matching?

    • kevy

      Short answer is no. You can return a phone within 14 days if it has less than 30 minutes of talk time on it. As far as price matching, I have found that the Bell stores do not do it and Bell customer service (actually, customer retention) will not match it either, but you can talk them into taking say 5% off your term contract price.