Tbaytel “to perform the next phase of Cellular network improvements” next week


  • john

    I doubt anyone in thunder bay reads this.

  • Josh

    Thunder who? I’m in toronto lol a place that actually matters

  • Tyler in Thunder Bay


    You’re wrong.

  • Alex Perrier

    Tyler, what do you think of Tbaytel? Perhaps smaller carriers offer better service?

    • RoyalWitCheese

      Tbaytel is just Rogers, with a marked up price on handsets.

      Hopefully this upgrade will address HSPA drop off (to Edge) for various handset models (Samsung Galaxy’s are bad for this)

    • Tyler in Thunder Bay

      Unfortunately, there is no competition in the area. We used to have the option of Telus, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Tbaytel or Rogers, but when Tbaytel and Rogers teamed up last fall to jointly launch the HSPA+ network for the area, Tbaytel decided to deny Bell, Telus, and Koodo to roam on their network. Also, Rogers no longer accepts customers from the 807 area code as part of their deal with Tbaytel.

      Bell Mobility has installed a couple towers within city limits, but coverage is sparse and there is no coverage at all outside the city so it’s useless for people who travel in the area.

      So Tbaytel basically has a monopoly on wireless service in the area and has no incentive to provide competetive pricing on voice and data service.

    • Anuther guy from from Thunder Bay

      Actually, Tbaytel sells most handsets cheaper than Rogers does, despite the fact they buy them for alot more moey.

  • Anuther guy from from Thunder Bay

    This should help alot, they’ve had issues with their network as I’m not sure they anticipated the usage they have now.

    As well, having a monopoly in the area means they can charge whatever they want for whatever service they want to give.

    Once Bell gets here, things will be interesting. If Bell were smart, they’d launch a buyout program, as I’m sure a ton of people will be wanting to switch over.

    FYI.. frequent this site all the time.

  • Guy in the Know

    Actually “Tyler in Thunder Bay”, it was Bellus that didn’t want to partner with tbaytel. This forced tbaytel to sign a roaming partnership with Rogers.

    At one time, there were basically 2 providers in Canada – Rogers and Mobility Canada. MC was a partnership between CDMA providers – this included Bell, Telus, tbaytel, SaskTel, MTS, Bell Aliant, etc.

    Bell and Telus decided prior to the Vancouver Olympics that they would move forward with the construction of an HSPA network without any of the other companies.

    You still have the option of getting a local number from Telus, Koodo and DMTS. You can also get an out of market number from KMTS, SaskTel, Bell Aliant, Northern Tel, Rogers, Fido, etc.

    I love it when the uniformed claim to be in the know.

    • Tyler in Thunder Bay

      First of all, I never claimed to be “in the know”, my comments are based on my experience as a long time mobility customer in Thunder Bay.

      Second of all, you are expressing alot of misplaced hostility in your comments. Please keep in mind that we are discussing cellular technology here, we’re not debating politics or religion, so try to keep things in perspective.

      Your comments seem to imply that there is an abundance of mobile telephone competition in Norwestern Ontario, which is absolutely false. in terms of widespread HSPA+ coverage in NW Ontario (which is what I have been refering to), Tbaytel is currently the only viable option. It wouldn’t hurt to have more players in the game, is all I’m saying.

      I would like to clarfy, before you troll any further, that I have been very satisfied with my Tbaytel mobility service, however I think more competition is always better.

  • Interesting

    I lived in Thunder Bay for awhile. Never had them as a cellphone provider, but their internet and landline services were reasonable and I never had any problems with billing or customer service.

  • Bruce Ketchum

    Just stumbled on this thread and would like to add my two cents.

    I moved here last year from Ottawa. I was one of those people who had their Rogers mobile account transferred over to Tbaytel. At first I was a little annoyed with what happened. I was happy with Rogers service and didn’t know if Tbaytel’s service could match. Now, after several months of Tbaytel service, I’m happy to say that their service is quite good. No complaints. Bonus: My monthly Tbaytel bill is $60, compared to $75 with Rogers. Well, I have one complaint: I wish I didn’t have to pay 911 and system access fees. I suppose that’s the same for most mobile phone companies.

    I use an iPhone 3G and my wife uses an iPhone 3GS. They work great here. I’m going to get the iPhone 4S from Tbaytel when they become available in the next few weeks – very excited to try out the new HSPA+ service with the new phone. I might add, Thunder Bay has got it very good with these latest improvements. There are a lot of places that still don’t have it.

    I worked for Alcatel-Lucent in Kanata. We sold equipment and software to Rogers and Tbaytel and many others. We really admired Tbaytel. They are one of the best run small-market carriers in the world. Very cool that Tbaytel is municipally owned. Just read somewhere that over $27 million was earned for the city last year. I can only imagine that money will help make Thunder Bay an even better place to live.

    I would also guess that because Tbaytel is owned by the city, they will push the telco to keep up with fast, effective technology to satisfy the public and attract business to the area.

    I think the people of Thunder Bay should be very proud of Tbaytel. I am, and I’ve only been here for a year.



  • Another Day In the Life

    been searching around on the net; no luck as of yet

    I have an Iphone 3G. Tbaytel’s new services (simcards) won’t apparently work for this phone. GAY.. I thought so to/too.

    any idea what i can do about this;

    Note i used to live here and am now returning.(don’t ask me why (laughing). Any ideas?

  • john smithers

    have nothing to say about tbaytel worst service i have ever had and ive had phones for 10 years never had so many dropped calls texting not working incoming texts not recieived thought it was the Iphone so i got a new one same awful service cant wait for bell tbayel is going to lose alot of buisness