Public Mobile expands roaming coverage area, now covers 93% of Canadians


  • Jack Fung

    Unfortunately they use CDMA. Everyone else is moving away from that technology.

    • Avro Arrow

      Who cares? As long as it works (and it does) I have no problem with it. CDMA technology works just fine for PM because PM has no coverage whatsoever outside of Canada and the USA. PM is designed to be a small regional carrier that caters to people who have no need for expensive frills like being able to call from overseas and “free” roaming. The only difference I notice between a CDMA phone and a GSM phone is that you cannot talk and surf at the same time with CDMA. Oh how awful, how can I stand not being able to surf while talking? lol

  • Jonesy1966

    Cue Phoneguy……….

    • phoneguy

      at Jonesy here I am budddddy as you predicted and this is amazing for PM finally PM customers can go anywhere in canada and use there phones for canadas lowest roaming rate of only 15 cents per min..2nd our coverage has not come to a complete halt in fact there turning more towers on as we speak..3rd small zone? lmao our zone is huge and one of the biggest calling zones in canada…question if I live in durham and have a durham number and am with the big 3 how much do you think I pay in roaming for them if I simply leave durham…thats right .35 cents/min plus my mins..some of you guys complain and complain about wireless in canada and pray for someone like PM to come to the market and when they do all u do is b***h more like if your phone isnt unlimited worldwide for free your never happy..and we came on CDMA to switch to LTE easily and will happen in the future and anybody that know wireless in canada can tell ya CDMA gives ya better reception and sound inside canada…and how is this the best coverage they will get? PM has turned on maybe 20% of there towers…wow u wind boys are jokes haha

  • roger

    cdma is popular in the states verizion uses it and sprint go figure

    • chall2k5

      and they are going to LTE already…CDMA is dead….same as the MIKE network

    • ToniCipriani

      The only good thing about CDMA is that Bell doesn’t clock the data properly, so my plan was practically unlimited back then. Also because everyone moved off I have all the airspace when I was using my Pre.

      Otherwise my HSPA Veer is MILES better than my CDMA Pre in terms of reception and performance.

  • DPerson

    Coverage maps mean nothing .. on a clear day, I can see the CN Tower but still only get 1 bar!

  • KidCanada

    Hahaha notice how it says Roaming and not regular coverage meaning roaming charges will ocurr. More roaming coverage than regular coverage so I’ll pass!

    • spike

      well 15 cents a minute is still much cheaper than any other roaming or long distance charges with the others

  • JSmith

    Good news for Public..with Android coming in October..getting better every move. Haters gonna hate. Just remember before you type its all strategic moves in the right direction, and no one beats 15 cents roaming/long distance out of their area/zone or local calling area.

    • JSmith

      Jonesy- In all fairness you have to remember Public was only going after a certain sector of clientelle, and hasnt been around that long. I travel GTA and Golden Horseshoe and not everyone travels outside of their limited ‘zone’. In fact a lot stay inside a limited area, and again remember, roaming is only 15 cents, cheaper then any other carriers long distance charge or roaming charge if a newer company. Its not biased, its facts. Public last time I chacked has always stated they were after a certain sector. No surprises there like other companies. And last time I checked they are expanding coverage area, in fact I believe the next update is in a month or so. Not everyone travels, so coverage isnt an issue for a large sector of clients. Hamilton to Oshawa covers a great amount of peoples needs, and no one can argue their rates. Again Im not biased just stating facts. I personally have several carriers I use, my job requires it.

  • JSmith

    Strategic moves in the right direction, and Spike is right, cheapest roaming rate @ 15 cents/minute, beats others roaming and/or their long distance charges. Android coming in October. Good for Public.

    • Jonesy1966

      The point is not to roam. Despite a flurry of activity over a year ago their expansion has ground to a halt.

    • JSmith

      Jonesy- You dont travel? You dont leave your local calling area ever? Personally I’d rather pay 15 cents per min roaming if I go out of my local calling area, or to another province etc, then get charged more. Its still better despite every other carrier. You just cant admit that its the cheapest cuz you have a hard-on for another carrier, instead of being unbiased like myself. I dont choose one carrier over another, its just nice to see a low price point from a carrier in Canada.

    • Jonesy1966

      I can admit to a lot of things and yes on the face of it 15 cents for roaming is a bargain. But when you’re dealing with a very small local zone to start with what ever savings you have at that rate, are immediately negated by roaming more often. In the close to two years I’ve been with my current carrier my roaming charges amount to about $1.00, and before you ask, I travel extensively throughout southern Ontario.

    • Jonesy1966

      I meant to add: The calling zone isn’t getting any bigger, is it. Even when expansion’s complete PM will still be sorely lacking in coverage in Ontario and most of Canada for most people, including myself. So, to recap: 15 cents is not cheap if you’re going to be using it proportionately more often than you would with other carriers.

  • KidCanada

    Well i dont have to worry about Roaming charges if the coverage is reasonable right? and plus its in Canada…

  • ELNY

    Umm…they do know that OTTAWA is the CAPITAL of Canada right?

  • Guest

    If you guys dont like the roaming charges, don’t go use your phone when outside of the Local Calling Area! Fido charges how much??? Yeah, that’s what I thought!!!

    If you hate roaming and out of zone calling, go with the big 3 and dont cry you cheap fawks!!!

  • MelGibsonJ00perstar

    Yes the CDMA is pretty sh!tty all and all. But on the plus that .15 cents/Min roaming is very nice to see. As long as they don’t flop out on the android devices and get something in that doesn’t break down on you every 2 weeks they will do very good things..

  • Grover

    More choice is always a good thing! Good for PM subs

  • k

    Phoneguy is going to c*m in his pants when he reads a thread about PM…

  • whosays

    Where is phoneguy? No way he has seen this post yet, he must be on his day off lol..

  • john

    No america roaming yet?

  • Stephen81BB

    It is a shame this is the Best coverage they will ever get.

    Rogers has partnered with Sasktel, TbayTel, and MTS for their next generation networks. meaning the slow CDMA network is all PublicMobile will be able to use with this kind of coverage, I just can’t see Bell Launching their 4G LTE network outside of major centres and without strategic partners with the smaller teleco’s Rogers is going to be the only National Carrier for FULL roaming coverage.

    • c0cksm1th

      Right… Because you have the inside scoop on everything there Steve… I’m pretty sure when we go back in time not too many years ago all of the above companies started off nice and small. Shit coverage, poorly manufactured handsets.

      Now… 10-15 Years later you a majority of you are now with those providers prasing them like some goofy “god like” statue… I’m certain they will evolve over time. It could be in months, years, who knows. Regardless Public Mobile seems confident that they will be a long term company.

      If your not good with the service they or any other company offers it customers maybe you should go up to your tree house and start talking from a good old Cup-o-string handmade phone…

  • phoneguy

    man jonesy I would love to know where u get ur facts do u have bucket of made up facts u just reach into everyday and spew a new one on here daily…PMs zone is going to get way bigger they want to have all of ontario turned on by the end of 2012 and they bought enough spectrum to reach 19 million cdns how are they done? man u are as special as they come jonsey

  • jj ravin

    my phone was stolen but i faild to get itt

  • G Dep

    I dont think anyone on this post or site understands anything about G band spectrum.

    You are all morons.

    CDMA this and CDMA that, blah blah

    Why dont you take a look at what sprint is about to do with G band and then look back at Public Mobile.