WIND Mobile releases the Alcatel One Touch 908, $120 no-contract


  • DANdroids

    how about, instead of these budget Android phones that will never get UI updates, they start carrying just ONE WP7 phone?

    • Terry

      Might happen when the Nokia WP7 phones come out at the end of the year.

  • Alex Perrier

    This looks like an excellent entry-level device!

  • Gone with the WIND

    It is sad that WIND will launching phones that no one wants to use these phones may be good for EGYPT. In the devoloped world these phones are almost disrespectful. The price at 120 $ is a ripoff these phones in asia would cost less than 100 $ . Wind continues to dissapoint us . All you WIND fans can now start voting me down , the truth hurts.

    • Jonesy1966

      What do you call the developed world? Would Europe be considered part of that? I guess they can’t be as Alcatel, a European brand, is quite popular. T-Mobile also carries this phone as the T-Mo Move which just proves that the US is not part of the developed world, either. User reviews have been quite positive with the only complaint being the screen res. Other than that people who use it seem to think it’s a good phone for the money.

      But I guess they must all be Egyptian.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Sit down chubby! sheesh its a crappy phone on a sub standard network.. You htink all this but kissing and on your keees begging is gonna get you the job at wind again.. move on more paytrolls have moved in and taken your cubicle. BTW they had to retire the skyjack you used as a chair..


    • Michael

      Hmmm methinks you are one those ppl still upset that the government allowed an egyptian company to operate a mobile company in Canada…

  • Alex Perrier

    i thought the Samsung Galaxy 550, which was overpriced even at $80, was about as low as you could go spec-wise on an Android… 🙁

  • Alex Perrier

    This phone would be okay for no more than $52. Right now, it reminds me of a feature phone more than a smartphone. Just because it has Android, doesn’t mean that it’s flawless.

  • Alpha

    So, where can I get a non-pocketable smartphone that’s not a tablet? Is the term “pocketable” still necessary in this day and age?

  • Jake

    LOL, Mobilicity releases the Galaxy Mini, Wind releases this piece of crap. Things haven’t changed…

    • Jonesy1966

      The Mini’s hardly getting glowing reviews is it. Besides, Samsung has already said Wind is getting the Mini and Wind has confirmed this along with MobileSyrup. Why does this have to be a competition for you?

  • Rick Morayniss

    Does this mean we can by it for 120 and use it on BEll?

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      it means you can buy it, and have it constantly search for signal.. do not forget it has no manufacturers warranty just the crap wind one.. so if the wind rep deems it not under warranty you are like mikey.. stuck in the doorway

      who would buy anything without a warranty from the manufacturer? and pay top dollar..

    • Jonesy1966

      Didn’t I see you get pwned by someone over at Wind’s forum on this subject, Rocco? Seems like you crossed paths with someone who knew what they were talking about and you promptly stopped participating in the conversation once they started to flex their muscles! I think I’m going to dig that one up again if I can find it and have a good chuckle at your expense over and over again 😉

    • Jonesy1966

      Sorry Rocco, I haven’t come across that comment yet but that could be due to the lack of trying. As it is it’s going to have to wait until Monday, I have far better things to do with my time this weekend. But during my brief hunt though some of your older posts – wow, I never knew you made so many posts at Wind’s forums – I did come across one in particular that made me laugh. It was about a new phone being launched and you claimed Wind would be late with it because that’s Wind’s MO (sorry for the paraphrase). Someone then fired off a list of phones that were either exclusive to Wind, launched first by Wind or launched at the same time as everyone else. The pathetic excuse you came up with went along the lines of “That’s not what I meant” when clearly it was. You were never to be heard from in that thread again. I guess you never read everyone’s reaction to that did you? Must have been quite a shock to have so many people turn on you at once.

      Laugh? But of course I did!

  • A. Carmine

    We (the internets) are reading about BB OS 7 this, WP7.5 that and iPhone5 this but WIND releases… ANOTHER, Alcatel…?? It’s about time someone asked the really hard questions…

    “WHAT THE F***?”

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    ohh chubbs how I have missed your talk of the all you can eat buffet and such.. the exclusive phones were a joke.. much like you in the speedo. I give you credit for leaving the wind forums and sparing us from your ” I get signal anywhere on the planet.. and I am in a home zone to boot ” so lets look at the phones wind did not get.. or the gray market phones they sell.. time and time again it has been asked why the OEMS will not service the phones.. Much like someone on the forum said about the gray market Sony TV’s sony will not touch them.. same product but no touchy.. much like the gal at the massage parlor said when you heaved your behemoth bloated body on the portable skyjack for your massage.. me no touchy.

    Jabronied… outsourced and tabbed aka contracted.

    • Jonesy1966

      Your interpretation of what a “gray market” product is an absolute lie created to make a convenient story for yourself, Rocco! Gray market product is that which is purchased outside of official channels, either legally or illegally. So, you claim Wind’s phones are gray market, here’s how I know you’re 100% wrong. It’s called a “manufacturers website”, but I doubt that in your blinkered little world you’ve ever heard of it. Take BlackBerry, for instance. Click on the 9780, 9300 or Pearl and click on where to buy. Oh my gosh it says Wind!!!!!! How can that be???? Same on LG’s website and Samsung’s too! Even with Alcatel, they issued a press release announcing that Wind will carry this phone. But somehow that’s still “gray mraket” to you.

      It’s common practice for manufacturers to ask retailers to act as a middleman in warranty concerns, LG is renowned for it. Just because a manufacturer asks you to take it back to the place of purchase doesn’t mean they’re negating their obligation to warrant their own product. It just means Wind (in this case), forwards the defective product onto a manufacturer’s AUTHORISED repair centre. It quite clearly states this in the RIM warranty which I still have and, as posted on HoFo, the same for LG too.

      But you CHOOSE to ignore these basic facts, Rocco, because it suits you needs to be ignorant. The problem is, you’ve been shot down so many times over your Wind arguements that your only need is to feed your own anger. Why else would you keep up ths charade? Why else would it be that 100% of your posts under various IDs and in various forums are still anti-Wind and yet you’re reaching, struggling to find an argement that will stick?

      Rocco, you’re like an old, cranky communist after the collapse of the Berlin wall; pissed off because the world you thought you knew no longer exists and you have nothing better to do than parade around in your olive drabs, medals and fancy hat shaking your fist at a world that’s passing you by.

      It’s still fun to read your posts though. I just wish you understood that all this posturing and pseudo insulting behaviour just makes you less and less relavent. I think you’re a fool, a buffoon. This current crass personna that you’ve chosen just makes me feel a little bit sorry for you. But I still can’t help myself from laughing every now and then.

      Thanks for the smiles!

  • Jonesy1966

    Oh yes, one more thing.

    Not only do the manufacturers websites & warranty cards disagree with you but also Wind does too. They posted that ALL their phones are covered by the FULL MANUFACTURER’S warranty.

    And yet still you go on.

    And on.

    And on……………..