Rogers to release the HTC Puccini LTE


  • Jay Jay

    After having been fired from my job today, reading this just made my day! Great work Rogers, just please include the pen at no additional charge

  • Victor

    @Jay Jay You’ll probably have to wait a while after launch for that to happen.

    I’m just waiting to see what the HTC smartphone will be. Probably GSM Vigor?

    • Victor

      oops. Forgot about the Holiday. Its probably the Holiday.

  • Skrutor

    Decent specs but unbelievably expensive. There better be some serious subsidizing on thier contract plans.

  • swb1983

    This is the best news I have heard in a while. I have been waiting for this tablet since I first heard about it. Yay Rogers!!! Let’s hope pricing is better than the US.

  • Matt

    Damn it I read it as “HTC Punani” on my twitter feed. Can’t wait for the release though! 😀

  • Justin J

    Holding out for the Amazon Hollywood.

  • Trevor

    Victor, I’m with you! I’d love to see a gsm Vigor though the Holiday seems more likely.

  • brando

    Sweet its coming to Canada just gotta start saving hard now was thinking of the flyer but now for sure this bad girl

  • GMan

    I am so torn between a wifi only and a 3G/4G/LTE tab. I’m thinking I’ll probably use it mostly at home or at a cafe so wifi sounds good.

    But then there are time when having data anywhere is just so convenient.

    But then will I even bother whipping out a 10 inch tab while I’m out and about?

    AHHHH! Somebody enlighten me!

    • Sean

      Wifi tablet and phone with a wifi hotspot

    • Adam

      I whip out my 10 incher most everywhere I go.

  • Natasha

    this is 849 outright ? I thought 599 for the sgs2 is pretty expensive and the maximum price wow. and is 10 inches a joke ? Honestly nice specs and all but no way that can be a phone. my 4.3 inch touch screen Is already awkward enough to hold.

    • Victor

      Its a tablet.

    • PWN3D

      That’s right, missy. Now back to the Kitchen.

  • Natasha

    excuse me. I don’t even cook so don’t tell me something so stupid like that. I actually know more about phones than the majority so I’m anything but a ‘house wife’ . I’m only 17 but even if I was, that’s very degrading. women are equal to men. so if anything you should be in the kitchen for making some unrelated idiotic comment like that. k bye 🙂

    • PWN3D

      I’m sorry, but i can’t hear you over the stove fan… mind turning that off please? Once done.. please proceed to the laundromat.. k bye 😀

  • Phil

    If she knows more than the average person, on any subject, this explains why our world is such a kluster F#¢{

  • bizmo

    natasha got pwn3d by a ten inch phone lol

  • bizmo

    the only useful information i got from this entire thread is that cluster should always be spelled kluster for dramatic effect