Rogers to release a Rogers on Demand app for tablets


  • Torontock

    WOW.. pay 5 more dollars a months to watch content that you already pay for on another device.


  • Andy

    I believe it will be no charge.

  • David

    Ridiculous that you have to pay $5 if you’re already a Rogers Cable subscriber. Those who have android tablets with flash just log on to and watch the content for free.

  • t

    There is something I don’t trust about Rogers.

  • P

    I just like the fact that this slide leaked that the HTC Jetstream LTE will be launching in Canada!

  • Serge

    Any word on a Playbook version?

    • KidCanada

      Actually we don’t need it (I don’t think Rogers will make one for it anyways). Just go to Rogers on demand and watch everything there for free, no need to pay $5. But we all know why the iPad need an app for it 😉

  • choy

    Now if they only release the update on the Optimus Pad which has been released everywhere else in the world…

  • ig

    +1 on playbook demand!!!!!

  • jim

    Dear Androtard, you don’t need flash to watch videos at the Rogers on demand website. I am guessing your battery died before you could do proper research.

  • Andy

    Really? I said it is free, and I still get down voted?

  • ELNY

    The reason you are paying $5/month isn’t for the access to it guys. You are paying because when you use the app and stream it will not touch your data package. Obviously they know you can easily go to the website and stream it for free, come on ppl!

    • ainyul

      what if i am using another provider for wireless; i still am paying 5$ monthly to access, data to my wireless carrier and monthly fee to rogers for home internet and tv…!!