HP to start shipping new TouchPads in 6-8 weeks


  • @grumpybuttfunny

    Not getting one! I wanted one but after not only the lack of customer service fiasco from the last round but the complete ignoring of customers and intead arguing with Dells president! I got my Galaxy 10.1 and as far as printers or pc I will never buy from them ever ever again and NOTHING will ever change my mind!

    • Nascar39

      I am getting an HP Quad Core laptop with 6GB of DDR3 ram, 750GB hard drive, 7 hour battery life, HD LED screen for $100 cheaper than you paid for that tablet. Guess who over paid??? It’s not me.

  • Mike

    This notice from HP doesn’t apply to Canada. There will be no more here.

    • Dan

      That is,unless you ordered from HP before the 22nd. 16gb have been shipping since Tuesday and 32gb go out next week. Can’t wait to get mine!

  • Pete

    i read an article in the calgary herald saying canada is exempt from this and judging by mike’s comment apparently its true 🙁

    • Alpha

      Why would HP bother to print up 1/5/10k bilingual instruction manuals and boxes when all that stock can be snatched by American consumers? Why risk the possibility of a lawsuit by the Language Police because “Touchpad” is not French enough? What’s French for “Starbucks”?

  • GMan

    I got one when it went on sale.

    Let me tell you…it’s not worth the $100. Save yourselves the headache and get something else.

    I would’ve rather spent the $100 on a Justin Beiber concert ticket. Or a cleaning @ the dentist. Or have my dentist do the cleaning while watching Beiber live in concert.

    • Tom

      Dentists used to give people gas instead of freezing. If you could get them to give you the gas while watching the Beiber concert it might be pretty good – maybe even worth $100.

    • monkeyincowtown

      if you don’t want your touchpad I’ll give you $100 for it 🙂 its perfect for my 3 year old daughter to watch movies on!

  • JP

    Once you remove the useless services running in the background and overclock it, it is an awesome tablet.

  • The Book of Jobs

    More garbage made from stolen Apple tech! Get a real tablet, get an iPad!

    • Ryan

      But if I wanted a real tablet, why would I bother getting an iPad?

    • Brayden

      @TheBookofJobs, you spelled Android, and Samsung Galaxy Tab wrong!

  • Tyler Cranston

    This does NOT apply to Canada!

  • Jeff

    So In the end, does this deal applies in Canada? If not, how can I get one at that price (99$ & 149$)?
    Thx for the help