LG Optimus 3D 2 coming next year, will be significantly thinner


  • Sean

    And this came out what a month or two ago and just came out in the US like this week…


    FACT: The screen on this phone is better than anything RIM offers.

  • Alex Perrier

    3D? Sounds cool, but for me, it will have to wait.

    On another note, why did the Optimus Chic lower from $250 to $80? Are they having a difficult time selling them? Because that is a steal of a deal! Extremely well-speced! 🙂

  • asdl;gjkas

    if 3d phones are going to be 7mm just NEXT YEAR, how thin are 2d phones going to get LOL?

  • @grumpybuttfunny

    I will pass!

  • Skrutor

    I think the main thing hurting LG’s 3D device sales is the brand LG. They should spin off the mobile division to a new company with a more appealing image, at least in north America.

  • RealDeal83

    NEWSFLASH: Phones released next year will be better than the ones released this year.

    ALSO: Wiping front to back deemed the better choice

  • asdfjas

    the main thing for me is their ui :/

  • Fenrir

    I have played with the phone my main issue is the 3d on the phone it gives me a splitting headache everytime and it reminds more of those old 3d trading cards than 3d in movie theaters. the tech still has a ways to go.

  • Anonymous

    Thumbs up if you’ve noticed that Alex Perrier always gets lots of thumbs down!

  • Montana

    I thought the 3d max was coming out this year is canada??? So is it next year now? Little confused..lol