HTC Runnymede 2 and HTC Sensation “Special Edition” specs leak online, both coming with Beats by Dr. Dre


  • Kenypowa

    If the Sensation comes with 1GB RAM and updates Sense to 3.5, this would have been my perfect phone.

    • Mattymo

      I know they were looking so sweet until i saw 768 instead of 1GB of ram.

    • Paul

      4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 800×480. Folks at htc are smoking some deep s**t

  • chall2k5

    500 quid? thats almost $750….not worth it

  • Ottawa

    They better improve the notorious HTC speaker this time.

  • Jim

    Runnymede = 16gb memory and a 1600 mAh battery (will need that battery for the 4.7″ display) is going in the right direction. Maybe not the screen size, I wouldn’t want something bigger than my DHD at 4.3″.

    Sensation”Special Edition” = 1730 mAh battery, way to go.

    Both should be able to upgrade to the sense 3.0.

    Can’t wait to see what the boys on XDA could do with this thing.

  • Taylor

    What is it with HTC and <1GB of RAM? I imagine that SenseUI would run significantly better if it had more memory to work with.

  • patrick m

    both or good phones but I’m leaning towards the htc vigor. If the specs on the vigor are true the vigor is a much better phone and when u throw beats technology and headphones it’s almost a must have. so can I get a release date for canada

  • patrick m

    Hey Ottawa ,with beats technology the whole music system is better even the speakers

    • ajanu

      Where have you seen this announced? I was hoping this would be the case, but you’d think they woudl advertise the better speaker to share music with your friends. I doubt they can get a speaker worthy of the bass Beats wants into a phone given that eveyone wants thin phones.

  • Smitty

    F2.2 lens for wide angle shots?! From now on, I’ll be shooting at F22 for super-zoom!

  • Richard

    htc runnymede 2 has a 4.7″ screen? 😐

  • Sean

    Nahhh much prefer samsungs new phones as much as i like HTC’s build quality it’s the prime for me their amazing WXGA super amoled + display … that’s the same as my tablet !

  • Brad

    4.7″…does that make it a huge phone or a small tablet lol

  • Eli

    I’m hearing of quad-core HTC phones coming Q1-Q2 with the Beats, I believe one model even has a slide out keyboard. So I think I’ll wait.

  • cody

    the Runnymede is really appealing to me, but I would have to hold it to see if the 4.7 is too big or not. You can’t say anything about the size until you hold it yourself really.

  • cody

    And the DHD is 123X68X11.8 and the Runnymede is 130.6X70.63X9.9 so it’s only a little wider than the DHD so I don’t see this being too big at all, especially with a slimmer profile.

  • Jin

    I wonder if it will be using krait.

  • Tom

    I’m really glad that Android is available on a variety of different phones to suit different tastes and preferences but it is getting to be way too many.

    If you buy a phone that is part of a small run, then you are taking a chance – it will likely get fewer updates and less testing then a phone that sells tons.

    Personally, I’m going to stick to one of the more prominent phones such as the Sensation, the GS II, or the Nexus S.