Virgin Mobile looking for 14 Members to become part of their “Mobile Tester Team”


  • Earl L

    Coool stuff. Too bad im not on Virgin mobile right now.

  • Rich

    Virgin is awesome.
    It seems so unlike them because they are owned by Bell :P.

  • Danny

    Entered! Hope I win!


    gimme gimme

  • cybik

    THAT is good brand loyalty creation.

  • Eric V.

    Wish other carriers would get their heads out of their butts and do things like this. Especially Rogers, who only runs contests about four times a year, and everybody always wonders if they’re rigged because it seems nobody ever wins.

  • SgtEddieWinslow

    i put my name in…hopefully i win

  • Kimberly

    I am a VIRGIN member and I signed up for as a tester! I need an upgrade and a new phone. Hey we could both be winners, right?

  • Helen Hunt

    I absolutely love Virgin Mobile – Everytime I hear someone complaining about their provider I tell them to go with Virgin – I have never had a problem of being out of the service area – have taken the phone from one coast to the other and even in remote areas always works!
    I would love to be a product tester – if the new phones are as good as the older models then I would surely be bragging to everyone!
    So if you would like to have a tester in Newfoundland drop me an email!
    Helen 🙂

  • Cathy Evans

    I am a virgin mobile customer and think their service is very reliable

  • Norm McLeod

    Sounds like a fantastic idea! 🙂

  • Pat O’Connell

    That sounds like a great idea sign me up.

  • Jeff

    I love Virgin!! Just one complaint. Can’t get any of the cool new smartphones, because I live in Manitoba, so no contest entry for me… :(.

  • amanda potts

    I adore Virgin mobile..service is great and price perfect, my phone is acting horrible a new phone would help me in my new job so much

  • Sean

    Pretty awesome one their part … but really wildfire s vs galaxy s II =s

  • n00b

    What are all these women doing outside the kitchen?

  • Shelagh Broughton

    Better yet, they should be offering this to others on other carriers for a deal like this would have taken me away from Rogers ad signed up with Virgin

  • Jessica

    I’m a nursing student using my phone all the time looking up medical information….in a serious need of a free upgrade!

  • Andrew

    I’m with Jeff. I’m in Manitoba. They STILL don’t have the fancy new HSPA network here, so I’m outta luck too.

    I will say that other then that Virgin has been great. Now if only they’d hurry up so I can snag a new Android (or maybe Blackberry)

  • Pukka

    Yea virgin mobile is by far the best company I have been wih, I’ve been to every company and virgin has the best customer service, some people complain that they are owned by bell but they have their own head office and completely different call centers so that’s enough for me to stay.

    • n00b

      But, the plan sucks..

      no 6GB for $30.

  • Kimberly

    can you please tell me who was picked to be testers… I would be grateful if I was a winner!!!

  • Zackery Miller

    Just got the htc sensation 4 g on the 18th and its turning off on its own already whenever theres around 1500 messages on the phone memeory whats up with this?