Does the HP TouchPad already have an Android port? It appears so


  • Alex Perrier

    Great to see multiple operating systems support! 😀

  • tom

    I DON’T CARE!!! (Because I couldn’t get my hands on a cheap TouchPad)

  • alex

    ohhh that’s it I’m getting one!

    • Romanian Starr

      good luck finding one!!

  • Brayden

    Yay! Ill put that on mine as soon as its released

  • dw

    I feel like an i***t, I spent a couple hours in and out futureshop on friday (cousin was getting a laptop and spent a while trying to get some discounts) and I didnt pick this up. Running android on it is rubbing salt in the wounds.

  • krstnlndsy

    Regardless of OS, I’m still finding it difficult to justify spending my money on a tablet…

    • Andy C

      the $99 touchpad is in the same price range as the following:

      10 inch digital picture frame

      10 inch dvd player


      the fact that it comes with a decent browser, checks email and will video skype is a bonus.

      when mine shows up i plan on giving webOS a fair shake before i port android onto this thing

    • Me Ted

      It’s a $99 tablet. Wow. Cash flow must be tight for you.

  • brando

    be nice to see google get webos cheap and make a badass business device might have blackberry running for their money a little harder lol, thats if HP sells it and not loan it out like windows on other phones

  • JMason

    Why is the TouchPad now a paperweight?

    The TouchPad will keep working perfectly fine for the immediate future, HP hasn’t shut down webOS entirely so the Profile servers that supply part of the magic of Synergy are still around. Even if HP were to shutdown the profile servers then will definitely be able to supply tools to untether the TouchPad from HP/Palm’s cloud services.

    The TouchPad is definitely not a great tablet but at $99 or $149 it is really good value. It has really good multitasking, a good browser experience, a great email client, etc.

    Also considering a lot of the complaints about webOS have always been the shoddy hardware then why is Android going to fix this? Regardless of running Android the TouchPad will still be fat, heavy and have only a low-quality front-facing camera.

  • Bengermen

    I have to get one of these things

  • kenypowa

    I already overclocked mine to 1.5GHZ and the OS is now very responsive. can’t wait for honeycomb port.

  • rg

    I’m actually quite impressed with webos ,but I’m definitely going to try the android port

  • matt

    Wish I knew about this on Friday :(. I need RedFlagDeals on RSS or something…

  • MARS

    I feel so dumb right now. 🙁

  • Max

    Ugh…the fact that i was at best buy the morning of the sale without knowing of it made me feel like a chump, but now the whole android port is like a kick to the balls.

  • Mark

    So can we still get one from somewhere? It was sold out by the time I went to bestbuy. Any other retailers selling it?

  • Tom

    Yeah i got one but i sold it. Couldnt resist since i made $100 on it. With my profit I will likely put it towards a tablet when icecream sandwhich is on one

  • marion

    Is if still available on the HP website?

  • djm

    Now if I could just find one……………….

  • Mr. Pierre

    Wait a second, I need some clarification here as I am not a technical guru like most forumers here…

    1)If I buy the HP TouchPad, within the coming days I will be able to permanently run Android 2.3 instead of webOS?
    2)The user experience would then be as seamless as any other android tablet?
    3)I would have access to android market and its apps, not HP’s?

    If all questions about have answers of yes, I will be at best buy tonight. Thanks!

  • Kevan

    Went to pick one up this morning in Richmond Hill, and they’ve raised the price back to normal at both Best Buy and Future Shop – online too!

    • Mike

      FS/BB only ran the promo for the weekend.
      As did staples, but now it’s completely removed even from their web site.
      The Source ran the special till end of week, but don’t for them to get any more stock IMO.

      Toshiba Thrive gets released this week. I’m stoked!

  • dondro

    Wait…Thursday, August 24th? Isn’t today Tuesday, August 23rd? Are we skipping Wednesday this week?

    I hope not. Wednesday is wing night.

  • Pengwynguy

    I just ordered one from in Canada. The site says out of stock, but their customer service rep said they are on hold and will be released today, and if you order, you stand a chance of getting one. In fact, the 16gig model shows stock on hand, first come first served. Their price was high until this morning, so you might still be able to get one…

  • Pengwynguy

    I thought I posted this earlier, but I don’t see it now, so here we go (again). still seems to have some. This morning they had them and hadn’t recieved confirmation from HP to reduce price yet. As soon as they reduced price, I ordered one, but couldn’t get confirmation yet. They still SHOW some in stock, but the sales rep told me that they haven’t processed the orders yet, so they don’t know how many are left. Long and short, this site was SHOWING sold out, so many people probably wrote them off, but they were only showing that because they had all their units (arount 100 I was told yesterday) on hold pending price reduction. If you’re still looking, look over there and cross your fingers!

    • Clockwork

      You r my hero. I ordered a 16 and 32 [I’m not hogging, I have a friend who wants want for her 6 yr old), and it showed 39 and 11 in stock respectively at 11:45pm.