OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 now available for download


  • grant

    mobilesyrup does censorship on this website, on the post regarding HTC suing Apple, mobilesyrup didn’t aloow me to place a comment regarding how bad Apple is, apple is involved in dozens of lawsuits. Cause all that Apple does is steal all the ideas for the Iphone from every other company, first it was stealing the name Iphone from Cisco, and cisco sued apple, and now its Samsung who won a major lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement. And now it HTC suing Apple for patent infringement. Every single Iphone that is sold today, half of the profits goes to pay off all the middle men Apple Stole from, thats why Iphones are so expensive, because the lawsuits are so expensive to pay off.

  • crunch204

    Last to get upgraded…another first only from rogers! 🙂

  • Saffant

    Why .261 and not .255 ?

    • Milpool

      Revisions can include very small fixes. They released a .254, they likely had a .255 that fixed/updated this or that, then a .256 that did X and Y, etc. etc… but they didn’t release that revision to the public because:

      – it was unstable in some way
      – they were still working on other bugs or corrections to release in an upcoming revision
      – they waited until they had enough fixes/additions/updates to make it worth an upgrade
      – etc.

      Trust me, you wouldn’t want some of the nightly builds they work on internally. For example, .255 may add support for BBM version 6.5, but it causes the text message app to crash after 200 characters if BBM was the last program opened before it (random, made-up example — but you get the idea.)

  • danion

    I just can’t understand…Blackberies weren’t supposed to be a business communications system ? If not, then what wlse should be ? And OS7 shouldn’t be a stable system ? Why so many updates and why so early ? Then how about the security of this system ? No, I’m not bashing ! Before I hardly wait the launch of new Berries, now I’m happy I didn’t rush and sad because this is still a canadian product which used to be one of the best if not rhe best in business area. Now it’s just a patch …oh, yeah ! I forget, they still have 3 billions in cash…but how long wll last those money ?

  • Troll?

    @danion ………not sure if serious

  • danion

    @Troll? I very serious ! I’d lovw to get the Bold 9900. And I don’t mnd to pay the full price on a spot. Only to get what I need. Look at the reviews, short life battery, slow os, missing BES, and the os just been out and already in need for updates. I’m a business man and I need a good phone in the first place and a good messenger, mostly email, not a fancy gizmo
    Thats why I’m taking in consideration the harware shortcomings. And speaking of security of the system…well, if this system it’s not yet a finished product then what guarantee do I have that because of glitch someone moght be able to gain control over it. Read better what mesns NFC and how vulnerable it is…and again, I’m mot bashing. I’m just concerned.
    ..but this mite b just my opinion, though…

  • Nauman

    I am not sure what review you read, but most have said it is fast and fluid, hardly any dreaded bb spinning clocks, good browsing. And there are OS updates that are tested internally all the time. Sometimes quick updates are to correct a few bugs.

    Most reviewers said you would still get a good day out of the battery. I still charge my phone nightly so 3 days between charges are irrelevant for me, but some people want it.

  • Troll?

    @danion it already is a released finalized product, hence carriers have accepted it and taken it aboard. if there were significant security issues, it wouldn’t of been launched in the first place by RIM nor the carriers.

    additionally, obviously NFC has it’s security flaws, why do you think it’s not included in the current builds? RIM is backtesting and ensuring that when NFC does launch it will launch without flaws

    your logic makes no sense what so ever. what kind of tech company do you expect to launch products without patches or updates of any sort? do you understand what would happen to companies who choose to wait till they have a finalized product or even launch a product with no updates what so ever? they would die in the tech industry by either falling behind or providing no updates for future support

    do you think apple shouldnt of released the iPhone despite no cut and paste? do you believe OSX Lion shouldve provide updates? do you think android shouldve stopped at 1.5? or

    if anything you should be excited that RIM launched an OS update so quickly. they either spotted something wrong to correct it or they’ve added some features to streamline improvements. either way they’re providing support and doing it fast, which is a GOOD thing for a company in the tech industry..not a bad thing

  • danion

    tnx for reading, and for your convenience this is the review (the only one posted for now) I’m talking about. not to mention any other user opinions. but I hope I’m wrong and I’d more than happy to read any other review close to this one in terms of details, which would infirm the one posted by Treatz. till then…what you’re saying has been said over’nd over before. then more ‘nd more BB users switch to android, winmo7 or even worse to wh-Yphone (lol)…if just android I can understand, but the other two think they are better ? I don’t think so ! I’d rather think that happened because BBerries became weaker and old system and devices…with no future…and being Canadian doesn’t mean to be blind…

  • Chong Fung

    RIM stock is dropping faster than that Japanese exchange student dropped over the edge of Niagara falls yesterday

    • Quang ZAO

      Well I am sure she went down the falls peacefully…literally..as in as she tumbled down the giant waves she was giving the traditional asian peace sign they use in photos

    • Chong Fung

      Yes, Quang, she is a family friend and was attempting a battery pull on her blackberry curve so that she could take a picture of herself by the falls. She did get the battery out, but went headfirst into the drink at the same time.

      The curve was recovered at the bottom of the falls and we have contacted blackberry support about getting another battery for the device. No word on the whereabouts of her corpse yet.