Rogers already price drops Bold 9900 on 3-year by $50


  • Adam

    Maybe they realized how batsh*t crazy it was to ask $250 for this “Premium keyboard device” (as somebody was trying to convince me earlier).

  • Garrett

    Got the 9900 yesterday… just went in to a Rogers store expecting a fight… but they honoured the price difference and apologized for the hassle. Disappointing.. I wanted to yell at them!! haha

  • Kenypowa

    nope, still too high. It shouldn’t’ be more expensive than iPhone, SGII or EVO 3D in the first place.

  • Brent

    what did anyone expect. Blackberries are lame now. Even people at my work don’t want their blackberry. They carry around both an iPhone and their work BB just because were not allowed to use our own personal phone for work email.

    • Dimitri

      If they are so lame why are people buying them? I was at a Rogers store & so many people came in & bought the 9900.
      Just because people at you’re work hate them does not mean they are lame. Rogers is the reason because of the price. Not rim.

    • Anthony

      Only lame because you can’t play Angry turds, it’s still one of the best choices if communication is your priority.

  • GMan

    I don’t understand their pricing strategy. They want to beat all the ios and Android devices, but then prices the product so high…why would I pick the bb when I can spend less on a, say, EVO 3D?

    • Logic

      RIM is a professional oriented company, and less of a consumer oriented one, and never has positioned itself as a discount phone maker like Acer.

      They charge a premium because they offer something most phone makers dont, quality, and I know because I had a curve a few months back and compared to my iPhone, my old curve never had dropped calls even in the worst of terrains, never overheating due to long conversation and didnt need to be recharged frequently even after talking for long periods of time.

      And as its can be presumed, RIM has always been focused more on the usability of their products than their functionality like the iPhone.

      I’d gladly go back to RIM at a higher price, if I wasn’t shackled to the ground on a 3 years contract with Robbers & Co.

  • lol

    Unless they’re planning on lowering it another $50 to match Telus’ price or compete with Bell’s S2, I don’t see them winning any new customers anytime soon, and rightfully so.

    • Jay

      @lol: You think Telus is good? Compare the buy-out prices and say that. Same phone, almost $100 more expensive at Telus. Makes it look like you’re saving more with them. Who’s the real rip off artist? That’s right, the big T!

  • Jonesy1966

    Was in Rogers and Bell yesterday to check it out and it was selling very briskly in both stores.

  • dan

    Rogers is a complete joke. Look at their 3 year pricing and off contract pricing. The Bold 9780 is $70+ more than other carriers off contract pricing, the Curve 3G is over $50 more off contract than other carries, and the Torch is over $25 more than other carriers off contract. They need to fire and re-hire their team. Clowns and robbers.

  • Nex

    Why would you sign a 3 year contract just to save $300-$350 bucks?

    If you actually think about it and work out the numbers, you are far better off buying all phones outright and then switching around carriers to get better deals later.

    Plan prices are continually decreasing, and if you sign a contract now you are stuck with that plan.

    • blank

      the problem with switching between carriers is that you don’t get the best deal. Currently I pay $45.00 including tax and have 500mb of data 200 min 6pm early calling cd vm text messages. show me a phone company that is offering that to a new customer. Retentions is where it’s at.

  • TheTigerTek

    They better drop the price.. Bell is selling it for $169.99 on a 3 year contract.

  • TheTigerTek

    I went to Rogers there was line up for the Bold 9900.

  • user

    Among all developed countries, Canada has the most tech noobs who haven’t seen the world and still think BB is the best……people who are still using BB are either: 1) noobs 2) patriotic Canadian 3) corporate users who are forced to use it

    • BB Addict



      You are trying to say the USA is more tech savy than Canadians? lol

      Your knowledge of demographics, economics and societies is laughable.

    • adibou

      Come down to Dubai or the rest of the oil-rich countries. Or even the riviera. And see what all the people with unlimited money are using. Hint: it’s not an iphone, and certainly not some random-a*s-name HTC iphone clone

  • David

    Rogers does have a (largely unpublished) policy where if there is a price drop within 30 days they will rebate you the difference, but it’s not automatic. So it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

    • 2pacs tshirt

      unpublished 15 days rule

  • Kemist

    i dont think its RIM that sets the price of the device, thats why all provider prices are different. all in all, shouldnt bash RIM if they’re not setting the price Robellus and others are using. Blame the providers individually.

  • Hampton

    it’s a good phone

  • dave (former blackberry owner)

    why would anyone want to win one of these?

  • Quagmire

    It will be a $0 phone soon when RIM goes bankrupt

  • Simpleton

    I don’t know what to do. Should I get a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Bell for $149 or should I get an iPhone 4, for $149?

    Someone please help! Such a hard decision to make!

    Please advice.

  • dickey

    I work at a Rogers store here in waterloo, and no one is buying this device, everyone that comes in is only looking for Android devices (Samsung Gal s2, and HTC evo 3D) or of course the iPhone 4.

    • dk

      I think ur full of it….the rogers at conestoga mall in Waterloo sold all 50 they had in stock on the first day…ya nobody wants this device you’re right.

    • BB Addict

      you lie

  • Kimmy K

    I went to my local Rogers store today and they offered me a 2 for 1 BB Bold 9900. They are giving out a free Bold to users who buy a Bold because they are worried about traditional BlackBerry excess inventory build up

    • BB Addict

      lol such a brutal lie

      no store would EVERY do that this soon after launch

      get more creative next time

  • pettus

    You couldn’t pay me $50 to use this phone

  • Kimmy K

    Might I add they are also giving away excess Pearl Flip phones at the door when you walk in and out.

  • Elnurs

    I like RIM. RIM like me, smart like me. I smart like RIM. I use Bold 9900. Bold 9900 smart like me. iPhone no smart

  • tektalk

    Does the 9900 run angry birds? Or is it still text based?

    > Launch a red bird?
    > The red bird hit a wood block. Launch a blue bird?
    > The blue bird hit a glass thing and knocked over a brick. Launch another?
    > Game over.

  • Henroid

    Here yee, Here yee, all of your RIMMheads. What do these BlackBurry 7 devices speak of? Nothing. Same lame laggy software, new icons?, same mundane boring plastic little creeky keys, postage stamp screen, and no apps. Also, the engineers sure did a great job designing this beautiful piece of trash – try taking out your micro SD card with the battery in – YOU CAN’T! LOL

    I use the NFC feature on the phone as well. I use it to tap my a*s so it can sync with my farts. Since the phone doesn’t have a fart apps I make my own.

    Do yourselves a favour and get a real smartphone. Get a phone that looks like a phone and not a phone that Micky and Jimmy dreamed of overnight. There are way better phones out there for cheaper and better specs.

    Oh, btw, Here yee, Here yee, does PlayJoke have email yet? NOPE! 60 days Jimmy, 60 days! We are waiting! Or wait, you can’t get it to work? Darn. Does that mean COLT will be using QNX and have no email? YEP!

  • Pieton

    Tough decision today, wondering if someone can help.

    Not sure if I should get a BB Pearl Flip 8220 or an iPhone 4. I like the narrow postage size screen on the Flip and the flip function that springs up and reminds me of my erection. Or should I get the retina display with all touch and 1ghz processor on the iPhone 4 with an abundance of apps.

    Whichever comes first, if I get 8 thumbs up I will get the Pearl Flip, if I get 8 thumbs down I will get the iPhone


  • Tim Henderson

    Go with the Pearl, the Pearl is a serious business tool for professionals on the go.

  • Ulysses

    I think they should drop $50 more on the current $199 3-year contract.

  • Neil

    Sometimes I don’t understand these phone service companies. Didn’t they see they were asking too much for an on contract device? Just odd.

  • Braedan

    I was at that same store yesterday in the Loo and rogers was sold out…youre full of it pal!

  • Jenny

    RIM and the BlackBerry name are dead now, its between iOS and Android now. Windows Phone 7 was dead on launch haha

  • Chris

    Beautiful device for existing customers. For folks who aren’t, it seems crazy to spend that much money on something that isn’t dual core or 4G.

  • ari

    i think u guys need to drop it price of the Blackberry Bold 9900 to bout $50 to $150

  • Bruno

    As usual the Canadian suppliers are still trying very hard to screw us on the price of their phones and/or monthly fees.

    I say that no matter the suppliers, the device prices should always be the same, as for the monthly services (lines and data) the CRTC should remove the finger up their nose and get to work!