Fido releases the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, $350 outright


  • Seishin

    Ive been waiting for this phone FOREVER! But Im with Rogers. BAH.

  • choy

    Ooooohhhhhh, I want! Can I switch back from Rogers for free?

  • Alex Perrier

    See my comment regarding the Sony Mini…

  • bob

    $350 for a QWERTY phone. RIM are you listening? Your new phones shouldn’t cost more than this.

    • Stupid

      Not to mention that many of the side slider landscape keyboards have been better than the BB ones. They’ve lost that one (of some) good things they had going for themselves.

      On topic:

      This keyboard looks very Desire Z like.
      Not much else going for it besides lighter weight and price.

  • Andrew

    I’m pretty new to the world of cellphones, if I buy this phone outright for $350, can I use it on any GSM network?

    Also, has anyone heard if this phone is coming to any other carriers?

    This phone looks awesome. Its a shame its only at Fido for now.

    • Stupid

      It’ll work on Rogers, Bell, Telus, Virgin, etc.

    • pasuljko

      Once you unlock it. And if you unlock using Fido, it’s $ 50 fee, if you unlock it some other way, you probably lose your warranty.

  • Sandman2749

    You will have to get it unlocked though before it will work with your non-fido sim card.

  • Graham J

    Sony does not deserve your money, please do not support RIAA, MPAA, DRM etc by giving them a cent. There are plenty of other options.

    • Melanie


    • Alex Perrier

      i agree to a certain point, especially with no more simple Linux support on the PS3 and regarding privacy. Sony gave away lots of free or discounted games, which is better than nothing. But a little like Taco Bell (ish), Maple Leaf and BP, they SERIOUSLY must get their act together and treat their customers right!

      But as for a Sony phone, it’s great that Mobilicity has one or two, but that’s not a whole lot. It’s sad to see Rogers and its brands get almost all the Sony phones. Good thing Bell has none right now. But why not get some for WIND or TELUS, to provide more choice? Yes, i know i can unlock, but Sony Androids cost a lot… :S

    • Cadet

      you mean an iphone?

      i will stay with SE, thank you very much

    • Melanie 2

      Yes, Why? We Melanie’s want to know.

  • Phil R

    I just cancelled my 3 year contract with Rogers to go back to Fido. I’m so happy!! (I was supposed to pay 100$ for the cancellation, but I ended up paying only 50$.. I don’t know why but 🙂 )

    I just unlocked my X10, to use it with Fido. I just hope I will be able to upgrade my X10 to 2.3. If not… I gues I will just buy this phone. It looks pretty neat!

    By the way, any of you know how to purge a phone from all the stuff a carrier shoved in the phone? (Like the damn rogers logo when I boot the phone?

    • Alex Perrier

      Phil, i did it once with a ol’ skool Bell Nokia phone, because it cost $50 to re-activate it. But then i just traded it in towards a newer, better phone. 🙂

      i’m not too familiar with how the logo branding stuff works, but on some feature phones, there’s simply PNG and MP3 files for when the phone starts up and shuts down. Maybe the same thing applies to Android. Wish you the best. 🙂

  • Terry

    It’s 350$ on english website and 500$ french website what the hell??

    • Neal

      It might have been a typo – today Friday it’s $350. However, the French overall site of Phones does not list the two new phones, it only has the previous list with “new” Nokia C-6. Once I clicked on “Android”, the Xperia came up. Shoddy.

    • Neal

      Whoops, my bad – “phones” is indeed new C-6, I should have clicked on “smartphones” in French, and it’s there. Sorry Fido!

  • Phil R

    Thanks for the tip, Alex! I’ll try that out!

  • Cadet

    @Stupid the keyboard looks like the xperia mini pro …

  • Max

    Can we expect a review of this device any time soon?

  • Sabrina

    Does Fido fill their phones with bloatware the way Rogers does?

  • Phil R


    I hope not… My phone (X10) is full of useless Rogers stuff. I can’t wait for the SE update (for X10) so I can get a clean phone and enjoy Fido without a damn Rogers logo reminding me of the error I made a year ago…

  • Alex

    I have a SEX Arc on Fido and I can fetch for them in terms of updates. I was able to update from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 and, thanks to the flash t.o.o.l, I’ve been able to flash an even newer build that includes xloud, stereo sound in video recording, etc. And word is that a 2.3.4 update will be ready in October. I find that the current version is capable enough and is very satisfied with it.

  • Rickman

    So just to be clear if I buy this phone outright. Do I have to get it unlocked before I can use it with Rogers? Also will I be able to use the SIM from my previous phone? Replacing the SIM from the old phone will save an activation fee. Is this correct?

  • John Smith

    I bought the pro on fido. Typing on it now and I dont regret my decision to get this over fidos other options