Shaw on their wireless plans: Announcement coming by “the end of summer”


  • Jonesy1966

    I won’t be holding my breath.

  • MXM4K

    I’ll go out on a limb and say it’ll look very similar to Videotron’s offerings. Heavy on the bundling discounts.

  • Sean

    Their a big company if they go aggressive they could cover a large area and bring in good plans. It all depends on what phones they have and what kinda service they offer

  • bob

    Shaw better forget UMTS and go straight to LTE

  • farmerpete

    Maybe they were holding off until LTE becomes the standard. Could be they were in cooperation with Roger’s in building LTE and could be using there network to fall back onto 3G+. Just a thought.

  • Dan K

    I already ditched Shaw for phone, tv, and internet.
    They’d have to have a pretty amazing wireless offer (and coverage, roaming, tethering, etc.) to get me to leave my $35/month WIND plan.

    Still more competition is a plus… right?

    • choy

      Knowing Shaw, they will sign you up for $10/month for unlimited everything, then bump it up to $75 a month after the third month.

  • Jim R

    Going by past history, the announcement will be that sometime in 2012 Shaw will announce when they’ll be launching.

  • Stuntman

    My current contract is not up for a year and a half. Still, I’ll be interested to see what they have to offer.

  • abc123

    Don’t get your hopes up for Shaw. Their stance on Shaw vs. Telus Optik on the TV front is “We do not compete on price”. That is what several CSR’s have told me when I called a couple of times to get my TV costs down and eventually ended up cancelling after seeing how much better the optik system is.

    Even if they introduce attractive “grand opening” rates, you can be sure that they will raise them very soon afterwards and on a regular basis. When I was last with them, they raised their cable rates 5 times within the last 2 years. And yet within these two years they had massive profits.

    I’m all for pleasing the shareholders and making profits, but you don’t have to rip customers off to do it.

    Kevin O’Leary would be proud of Shaw’s business practices.

  • Merc

    i saw new antennas being put up on top of buildings in downtown calgary, it has to be either mobilicity or shaw. i think they will launch in calgaryy !

  • serpico

    If Shaw keeps the mentality they have today , they won’t be able to compete . Compared with Telus Optik TV and Internet : Shaw is far away in terms of price and quality . That is why they have lost so many clients to Telus recently .

    I will be very surprised to see a good offer from them . Most probably is going to be a BUNDLE OFFER . But if it is more than 110 CAD / month ( TV ( basic ) + INTERNET ( high speed ) + Wireless ) , NO WAY .

  • Wilcox

    Shaw is likely going to go WI-FI as it’s Wireless strategy. mark my words.

  • tbr

    I think wind and mobi will be nervous when this happens because all those who are unhappy can use the same phone with Shaw.

    I agree that pricing will be similar to Videotron and then we will see the big three drop prices to match as they did in Quebec.

    With so many players in the game I think wind and mobi will drop pricing very soon.

    • 0defaced


      the LAST thing on Mobi’s mind is our dearly beloved giant-sized internet provider making a dent. If they model after Videotron (which is highly speculated to happen), then pricing wont go down at all. There wont be any need, as Mobi doesn’t offer cable tv…

      ….and yes, since it’s shaw, wont everything be a goddamn package service?

    • tbr

      You should look at Videotron’s web site. For $80 a month you get unlimited phone service and 5 gigs of data. I would say this is a better price than what the other three are charging. After Videotron launched the big three matched the service and price immediately.

  • yadeed

    Since when cable predators are pro consumer, they just want your money giving the least amount of product and service. Videotron is learning the hard way that many people will not give their wallet in their ridiculously expensive bundles just to get a phone. Too bad the corrupt liberals gave Videotron a monopoly in Quebec. I hope Wind can buy Public Mobile and use their licence to compite in LTE and give the four amigos: Bell, Rogers, Telus and Videotron a run for their money in Quebec.

  • MRT

    When ever wireless is rolled out, it will be in Calgary, Edmonton, & Vancouver first as head office is in Calgary. I hope that say when they are rolling it out since they’ve been pushing it back several times. If they keep waiting to roll out wireless as they can’t decide on what system to go with, well hell they’ll never get the wireless game. Hurry the hell up Shaw and get in the damn game.

  • Brrr

    It’ll be interesting to see if Shaw sticks with their current policy of “no contracts”.

  • Big 3

    though they do have the frequency rights, i’m pretty sure they didn’t set up many towers. so they would be an VNMO like 7-11 speak out