CNE app for iPhone and BlackBerry now available


  • user

    Blackberry is supported but not Android? This kind of sxxx only happens in Canada.

  • michael

    My lord. No android? Not even wp7 (and apparently its really easy to make wp7 apps). Bastardo!

  • Steelepunk

    Blackberry and no Android? Why not make a Symbian app while your at it.

  • ashbbey

    I’ll stick to a cne’s hardcopy map thank you very much.

  • picks

    I guess another year of using the hardcopy as i only run android

  • ChocolateSoul

    Thank you for paying BlackBerry some respect, CNE! My loyalty to you has just doubled!

  • RAGE

    Must add to the rage that they failed to write the app for the mobile OS (android) with the most people.

  • Me Ted

    Lol. No Android. The morons.

  • Celokuhle

    I just ttseed it on the simulator (have to type the /mu/ adress because it don’t show me the new interface automatically but it is awesome.I’ll love to have it on gmail desktop, what do you think of it ?