Confirmed: BlackBerry Torch 9810 heading to Rogers


  • Adam

    The torch will got the way of the Storm.

    Storm sucks, Storm II was slightly less awful, but still pretty bad. Storm III… well, it was never to be.

    • KC

      What are you talking about? The “Storm 3” IS very much alive and well and will be seeing retail launch right along side the 9810 and 9900. It is the BlackBerry 9860, but it will not be called a Storm when launched but rather will be called a Torch like the 9810. But make no mistake, it IS the Storm 3 and it will be released.

  • Preacher

    Torch is a great phone, the new processors is what it should have had from the start (at least 1GHz anyways considering the other phones coming out at the time).

    my fear of getting it is os7 will be out dated in less then 8 months time when the new OS comes out, just like all os6 phones will no longer be supported once os7 is out.

    This is the android fragmentation problem, but at least google can blame others manufactures, whats RIM’s excuse?

  • human

    Third times a charm?

  • Hilman

    Wow, a single processor and a small 3.2″ screen, hard to compete when your hardware is already a year behind.

    • Dimitri

      Shut up. For one. A single core 1.2 is as fast as a dual core 1.2. Use the phone before you talk. I used this & its pretty fast. You do not need dual core phones.. Normal people use phones for Talking & texting & emailing. Not playing games..

      As for Rogers. Its a good thing they got it.. They are getting some good phones after Bell started getting them.

    • Dimitri

      BTW you are talking about the screen? Shall we talk about Apple how they used a 3.5 inch Screen for all the iphones even 4inch screens came out last year when the iphone 4 came out. Like i said. Maybe use the phone before you say anything.

    • JCEE

      Well first off the 9810 here is still the sliding version so a screen any bigger would just look stupid because the screen is almost side to side already, and as for 1.2GHZ single core is more than enough for OS7 when its not much of an improvement from os6 and the old 624 proccessor on the 9800 was almost enough.

      Not everything is intended to be an iphone killer fan boys.

  • MXM4K

    Don’t pay any attention to everyone who bashes RIM and everything they produce. It’s the “cool” thing to bash RIM these days apparently.

    All I know is that I have about 5 friends who are anxiously awaiting the Bold Touch. People are still buying the phones.

    As an Android user, I find BlackBerry phones are still the best messaging/email devices out there. If Talk/Text/Messaging/Email/Facebook/Twitter/Long battery life is all you need, I always recommend BlackBerry. Not to mention that the hardware is solid as well.

    • Dimitri

      I have been saying the same thing. I guess people think that Blackberry should start acting like Apple & the rest & start making phones that will beat the rest. Blackberry made phones for emailing & BBM & also for social networking. Not for 100 apps & dual core ones.

    • bob

      In that case sell your phone as a mid-range smartphone, which mean about $300. Certainly not $600 like the Torch.

      For $600, it better have all the latest technology.

    • Joey

      and look where it’s getting them…

  • Saffant

    BBM… lol

    Fix the browser atleast.. If not then cut the price.. but more importantly stop calling it a smartphone

  • Kemist

    Not a torch fan encounted to many problems with the 9800 to give the 9810 a chance. but thats just my experience!

  • Obe

    From what I’ve been told by people who work at RIM it’s not RIM’s fault that the carriers won’t push out the updates to the phone.

    I had someone show me one Torch that was on something like 6.1.15 and another that was on 6.1.57.

    The OS software is being tweaked and optimized, but the carriers don’t care whether or not you get the updates.

  • rg

    why spend ~$600 on a phone if all people do is “talk, text and e-mail”. not to mention thier expensive data plan.

    I guess ill never understand…

    • Dimitri

      I have 2 gb of data a month and I only use up to 800mb a month on my bb 9780. You can use any data plan as long as the put BIS on your plan. The plans you see is if you want to have a add on data..

  • David Dee

    It saddens me to read above. The majority of comments are indicative of the same delusion that currently possesses Mike Lazardus: We are the best, people should love us because we are RIM, we can do nothing wrong, who are you to question our devices, if you dissent you have no idea what you are taking about, etc.
    I even see the inherent anger in some comments above.

    People, wake up already. Smartphones have expanded beyond messaging devices and will continue to do so. This is reality, just like Palm had to accept the concept of PDAs having email capability. User experience is key and not having up to date specifications (memory, processor, screen size, etc.) on a device materially diminishes the user experience. RIM’s results, lack of vision, lack of innovation and lack of strategy have already lost the confidence of equity markets.

    Believe it or not I am a proponent of RIM and really am hoping they can turn things around. Lashing out at and trying to silence people who raise legitimate concerns will only accelerate the company’s downfall. RIM needs to listen, wake up to market reality, innovate and truly re-establish itself as a market leader. I sincerely hope the attitude changes and this occurs or I am afraid Nortel #2 will be here before you know it.

  • random

    Not everything is meant to be an iPhone killer? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really care but why is RIM losing shares? Obviously a business could only grow if they compete. What is good for you seems to be the minority of people that still hold on to your blackberry but I guess you’re right.

  • ELNY

    Funny how people get so angry and defend RIM. They are truly making way too many mistakes. I actually hope they do NOT fall off the phone race because they are needed to help drive and push innovations for the other guys (push email? imessage? LED notification?), so I only hope for the best.

    Among their lackluster tech specs in phones, what ultimately kills them is the heavy OS fragmentation, OS5 devices can barely (if at all) run OS6, which will barely run OS7 which who knows if it will even run QNX. This sucks for the end users because developers will not make apps that have to span 3-4 OS versions.

    Android initially had the same problems but that quickly changed, on top of that, all the apps can be run as of 2.1 with most running 2.2+. I have an htc Desire which came with 2.1, I have updated it and it runs Android 2.3 without any hiccups. RIM NEEDS to make phones with solid hardware so that when they release their future OS the phones can at the very least be supported for 1-2 years and not just 7-9 months. At this point however, they seem to have given up on the smartphone race and are just catering to business people or those that are only into messaging. In this case, why call Blackberries ‘smartphones’ and not just “Advanced QMDs”?

    It sucks to see a great Canadian company go down the drain from i***t CEOs. These guys need to get canned and some new innovators put in.

  • Downhill Dude

    BB? Yawn!