Windows Phone logo is officially square


  • jellmoo

    I think it’s a logical step to have their logo be much more identifiable with the overall appearance of WP7.

  • sunny23

    my world is now upside down.

    but seriously smart move on the logo change.

  • the king of iphones

    Garbage phones. Get a real phone, get an iPhone! Don’t get garbage made from stolen Apple tech. Respect Apple IP!

    • TheCyberKnight


      Your new moniker can unfortunately not hide your ridiculous habit to troll and envy to display your lack of intellect.

      Please, get a life. Elsewhere.

    • bobbo

      I do not see how anything was stolen from Apple. Apple’s iOS is a Linux based OS, just like Android. Apple was meant to open source, but Steve Jobs is a greedy, control freak.

  • zico

    Windows is smart, people buy phones based on appearance. I love Android, but WP7 is just stunningly beautiful.

  • Vishal

    I guess its hip to be square again

  • jabba52

    stolen apple tech? whuh? I don’t get. somebody explain what that guy from apple said.

  • Alex Perrier

    So when is the iPhone Shuffle coming out? The reason i ask is because 1. it would cost much less than the full iPhone; 2. it would be great for blind people, seriously; 3. no screen to break, touch or use; and 4. “grip” of death?

    Now i don’t want to feed any trolls, like V l a d, but there were Palms, Windows Mobiles (6 and older), and BlackBerries long before iPhone.

    But here are my three big WP7 questions:
    1. Will Kin be coming to Koodo/Fido/Solo?
    2. How much are the Nokia WP7 going to cost?
    3. Can you dual-boot between WP7/Android?

    • jellmoo

      1. Seems unlikely since they were discontinued and then kinda, sorta brought back. I don’t see why a carrier would be jumping at the chance to have a Kin.

      2. Nokia is planning to have a range of WP7 devices, from lower end smartphones to high end premium devices. Specific pricing has yet to be announced.

      3. Officially? No, not at all. I had heard that a Chinese group has managed it on an HD7 though. My understanding is that the process is not for the faint of heart.

  • Brayden

    This is news?

  • Alex Perrier

    If you don’t mind Bell’s plans, the cheapest WP7 device out there is the LG Optimus Quantum. It costs $635 for the device plus one year of service. Just add tax. Also, a credit check is required.

    Then again, it would be either this or the HTC Desire Z at the same price. i’m not a fan of Microsoft, but it seems the “tough, but fair” requirement give a more consistent approach. In the case of Android, my Optimus One does *not* support Firefox. :'( And budget 800 mhz Windows devices are coming, which is somewhat reassuring.

    Windows Phone 7 may be impressive, but it’s a late bloomer, so people are going to need some time to consider it.

  • slype


    You know Brian, I agree with you on the aesthetic of the OS user interface. It is really slick and it does look better than the iPhone and Android. I really wanted to get a WP7 phone because of this and I played with one for 30 minutes at a Bell store one day and I couldn’t do it.

    The main reason why I couldn’t go for it is that it was missing a lot of basic features that I have become used to on my iPhone 3G (RIP) and my Android phone (Captivate). Simple things like being able to categorize your contacts means a lot to me as I use my phone for business a lot and it just didn’t seem ready. Maybe the Mango update will fix that and add a ton of extra features for users and then I’ll take a look at the phone again but until then, it seems to be it was rushed to market like the 360 (RROD was a good lesson for them I’m sure).

    I understand that MS is behind the 8 ball but they slept too long on their Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. They pulled a Palm and I think RIM is in the same boat right now. They have one more chance to get it right with Mango but if they muck it up, there will be no chance for market dominance for them.