Koodo Mobile, “in the future”, will release data only plans

Let’s face it, there’s an influx of tablets coming to Canada these days. Every major manufacturer has either a Wi-Fi or a 3G capable version. The iPad, Samsung Tab, Optimus Pad etc… Many carriers have created data only plans to accommodate the users who want to use one of these 3G (4G) tablets.  TELUS’ discount brand Koodo Mobile is prepping to do the same. According to this internal doc it states that “in the future” they’ll start to offer data only plans for those who simply want to just use data with no voice or text option. So we’ll possibly see Koodo start selling tablets too, but something interesting is on this doc. In May we posted that Koodo will be releasing an internet stick and the wording above shows this to be coming true: “… or have a non Koodo internet stick or tablet“.

No word on what the prices are for the upcoming data only plans.

(Thanks tipster!)