Chatr to release new $45/month unlimited talk and text plan that includes 100MB data


  • Alex Perrier

    Chatripoff! 🙁

  • Paul


  • Reggie Noble

    Yikes, I use 100mb in a day.
    Chatr *cough* Rogers is gonna make a tonne of money from people going over the 100mb limit. How are you gonna limit an Android user to 100mb of data? That $45 a month plan is gonna turn into a $90 plan for some easily.

  • XER

    Are you kidding? 100MB?

  • John

    All you fanboys would be crying If it was unlimited. Then you be going their doing predatory pricing and trying to steal our plans.

    • skullan


      I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about with predatory pricing.

      However, most people would be happy if it were 1 Gig instead of 100 Megs. That would be a much more fair amount of data.

      If you want to defend such a low amount, please, feel free. Keep in mind though, you’re going to be in the minority on a tech website dedicated to Canadian wireless, where the powers of Rogers’ marketing wanes.

  • Max

    Rogers is testing the water. Honestly, Rogers could kill new entrants easily by simply matching their plans. It would be interesting to find out how many subscribers they currently have since the service was launched. 100MB maybe good for middle school students just using for FB and twitter.

    • Neilson Patrick Harris

      You’re totally wrong actually. They couldn’t kill new entrants easily because they’d be shooting themselves in the foot. This is the whole reason why they won’t offer unlimited data on Chatr. If you could get unlimited talk, text and data on Chatr using the Rogers network for the same price as the new entrants (let’s randomly pick the Wind holiday miracle plan at $40) then why in the world would you stick to your regular Rogers plan where you’re paying hundreds of dollars more for the exact same service? And yes, they use 3G on Chatr. Rogers knows their bread and butter is with smartphone users, so offering unlimited data on Chatr will still allow them to retain customers that jump over, but at a far lower monthly revenue which would kill their bottom line. Keep in mind that the whole point of starting up Chatr was to try and crush new entrants and it never worked.

    • Alex Perrier

      They could do an occasional throttle like WIND when the network is congested. It has slowed me down for a couple of days, sadly.

  • sean

    For five bucks more go buy a high quality phone like a galaxy s 2 those have a $50 a month plan

  • 5Gs

    Those who thinks wind will not last.. I said it from day one. keep dreaming. WIND is here to stay.. Don’t believe me? Look around you =)

    Go Wind Go!

  • Sam

    Am I missing something? This plan is perfect for people who text and talk a lot and email a little. Infact my wife is going to be calling bell and they can either match it or she walks.

  • Mark

    I was hoping that the 100MB data would be a $10 add on that could be paired with the $25 plan. At $35 I could justify it for Google Maps navigation, the occasional web search and checking the odd email but if I am going to pay $45 I would like to be able to really use the net without always worrying that the next picture I send out will put me over the limit.

  • max

    If i can add it as a 10$ addon for my 25$ plan i go for it but paying 45$ for 100mb No Thanks

  • Big 3

    Dang they don’t have the option of the $25 plan + $10 data. In that case just go with the $40 smartphone lite plan that the main Big 3 has.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Tell you what Rogers….. You offer me a plan with unlimited talk/text/data, all call control features, no time restrictions, no extra fees, no zones, no contract, and let me keep it for life for around $65 a month and I’ll consider coming back.
    Until such time, I’ll stick with Wind or Mobilicity and you can go to hell….

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Ahhh steamed veg is right! he loves having a phone that works some of the time! Sure he gets no signal, gets throttled, had his petition used to wipe the camels backside but all in all he is right! Who needs a phone that works all of the time? Who needs to support Canadian workers ( wind is outsourced right? ) So a plan with unlimited, yet limited everything that works some to most of the time.. or a limited plan that works all of the time. I am with the veg!

      jabronied, outsourced and contracted!

  • KidCanada

    Is this what Rogers considers competetive? $45 with only 100MB? Fail…

  • luke

    wow chatr is a ripoff $45 for only 100mb of data lmfao lol lol. I’m paying $60 which is only $15 more with koodo and i get 6gb of data, voicemail, caller id included. city koodo. way way better than chatr which is $100 per month for 1gb after overages

  • Dave

    Welcome to ChatRipoff, a division of Robers Wireless.

  • Joe

    My rogers retention plan for $45 gets me 6GB of data. Granted, it doesn’t have unlimited minutes but 1,000 Canada wide minutes and unlimited incoming, nights/weekends is about as close to unlimited for most people.

    If you’re paying for more than this on Rogers, you’re not trying hard enough.

  • tbr

    This just means that the new boys are starting to make an impact on the big three’s bottom line, but not enough yet to make them match services.

  • N.

    Even though the 100mb is low by nearly everyone’s standards (including my own), has anyone noticed that it actually beats the $45 plan that WIND currently offers? I realize that for $10 you can add ‘infinite’ data to either the $25 or $35 plans that WIND also offers but if we compare in terms of base rate plans Chatr is the best value. Also for entry level Android phones, 100mb is more than suitable. I had this particular data add-on at Koodo using a Nexus S and as long as you have a data counter app its perfectly reasonable to stay within that limit.

    • Jerry – was with 3some- now enjoying breaking w so often…

      Hmmm… You are either blind , deaf, $t00p1d… or just full of it. It beats $45 Wind’s plan??? How? – sure there is $10 more – unlimited!!! data – so still tell me where I can find unlimited almost everything for $55? bell? telus? rogers?, maybe only Mobi. However – Mobi for me is out of picture for their small area…

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Go with whoever you want, but support the new guys (Public, Mobilicity or Wind) if you can.
    The big 3 had their chance to offer us all something better, and they blew it. Time to give someone else a chance I think.

  • MER1978

    .. because 500MB isn’t pathetic enough as a default.

  • mememe

    atleast 500 MB… what the heck is 100 MB… its a cash grab… they just waiting on ppl to go over their 100 mb limit and charge them

  • lukehard

    I can speak as a chatr customer and say that while this is an improvment, ti is still a ripoff.

    I rejoined chatr in June and have bene having MANY dropped calls in downtown Toronto (epseically in financial/union station area). I can name many places such as Commerce court, scotia plaza, first canadian place, near Air Canada Centre, etc.

    I have let them know and it seems Rogers network ain’t what it used ot be, I am sorry to say that. I submitted tickets over a month ago and am still waiting back as gogin back and forth with tech. I know it is rogers issue as family member on rogers having problems of not getting calls FIX YOUR TOWERS ROGERS!! maybe they are overloaded now like bell?

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Mike Jones is that you? or a payTroll?

    • lukehard

      UPDATE last night my family member who is rogers customer was told that they didn’t call him back tfor two weeks and issues of not getting calls due ot “overload from blackberries and iphones”.

  • phoneguy

    haha this is a joke and a perfect example of the big 3 getting impacted by the new 3 and you will never see the big 3 match the new 3’s plans NEVER…they have built such a big monster they cant go back they need the customer base to pay $50-$100/month just to survive..If rogers offers unlimited talking for $15/mth to everyone then they will go bankrupt for sure…I love it they have destroyed themselves.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Rocco, you are such an ignorant twit it amazes me. My phone works about 95% of the time actually. Have you not noticed that the majority of complaints come from Wind’s largest zone (Toronto), and one of their newest areas (Vancouver)? Not surprising if you use common sense to figure out why… Calgary coverage is pretty damn good. Look at Coverage Mapper and you’d see that.
    Now go back down to your room in the basement – your mother would like her computer back now…

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      ahh yes the coverage map.. Please do take a moment to read the complaints of people well within the zones and getting dropped calls, 1/2 duplex etc.. in the established home areas no less. I do enjoy the newly coined phrase paytroll you are certainty the poster child for it. The fact remains that almost 2 years later the issues still persist. How is that remotely encouraging? Veg just go away much like your lackey Mike Jones did. Wind is showing it can not keep up with the big boys. In the last 6 months the formal complaints have gone up 10 fold. How does it feel to be on the titanic ?

      man the life boats.. oh sorry no coverage.

      Jabronied, outsourced and contracted.

  • Zeake

    I know this really funny joke yall, wanna hear it?

    here goes…
    Chatr’s data plan…

    Wasn’t that hilarious!

  • Mark

    100MB on an android phone with their tendency to gobble up data thanks to all those apps running? Good plan Chatr. Brace for the complaints.

  • Pablo Moses

    This will cost you more money, if you exceed your limite, you will pay another $45 because they will not limite your speed but drain your montly payment.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Pablo I thought the same but after talking to a Chatr rep she simply said if you go through your allotment of data for 10.00 more you can get another helping. Those of us with the recurring 10.00 credit can apply that to the data. Run out no more data till you top it up again. Seems pretty simple.

  • Bashee

    I am a chatr user and tried some other providers, wind and virgin mobile (bad reception on wind and the worst customer service ever and possibly the dumbest tech support on virgin). I was originally a rogers user and got ripped off twice on my bills, they said I didn’t pay and I did. The second time around I had a record of it, b/c for some weird reason they had none, they then gave me 1 year of unlimited everything for $30 a month. I then left b/c Rogers still didn’t want to give me a good plan, after trying other providers I tried Chatr (I know its a division of Rogers), b/c I didn’t want data so it was a good fit. Overall amazing reception, however the past few months I have had dropped calls, people tried calling me and it said my number was not in service (I probably lost some job interviews). I want data now however that 100MB is the biggest scam, so I am unsure which provider to use. I am so lost, any recommendations (don’t give me numbers and plans unless you know the plan has good reception)?

  • Agata Stfenshkha

    I have moved to Canada from UK and feel that Mobile company in Canada are Biggest Ripp OFF.
    In UK one can have 500 Min outgoing and 500 MB data with 3000 text in prepaid plans ,ulmited incoming and caller Id are default and there is nothing like you need to top up every month for getting free incoming calls.
    Even Biggest network like O2 and Three do same, and small network like tesco, Lycamobile, Libra etc were more cheaper.
    i USE to get iphone on £ 35 month / 18 month contract for free to £69 upfront payment,and if you stay with same company then most of time sign for early upgrade in 15 months so new iphone every 15 months for free or just £ 69. and get like 3000 min , unlimited inc and unlimited texts, 5000 text and unlimited data (i have used over 70 GB a month by teathring it to my laptop too- just google – The one plan – 3 UK) here its unbleavle expensive , how one can stay with 1 phone for 3 year when apple launches iphone new model every year.