Chatr to release the LG Phoenix at $190


  • Terry

    Sound expensive if i compare that to the optimus one.

  • Big 3

    hmmm so $35 for province wide calling, 50 text and 100mb data or would you want $35 for unlimited talk, text and data? Chatr has zones too and no different than New Entrants

    Make it $5 for 100mb!!so it can give us a cheaper option($30 a month instead)

  • NagoyaX

    i agree with terry… since the phone is the exact same device as optimus one… its way too much to charge!

  • Alex Perrier

    Just go to Koodo, buy the $150 Optimus One, get the $50 gift card, get it unlocked, and it costs less than Chatr! 😀

  • mike

    @alex perrier, why not just stay with Koodo, Koodo has unlimited canada wide calling, 2gb of real data, and if you talk to retentions they could give you 6gb and throw in caller ID and Voicemail, and just add unlimited text and picture messaging with NO ZONES. can take your phone with you anywhere in Canada.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Not a bad deal. I know the kids in the schools will be eating this up! With the credits you can get with Chatr the data is free for 6 months. Niiiice hmm a phone that works, data that works, on a network that works! Shocking

    jabronied and Outsourced yet again! and now contracts!

    Oh wait thats WIND!

    so gotta love tony saying he was misquoted about the day they offer contracts is the day the close up shop! he now says he never said that! never say never jabroni!

  • Alex Perrier


    Getting the gift card requires a credit check. Besides that, they’re among the best providers. First to eliminate long distance on all non-City plans, and the 5pm clock is rather generous.

    Will Fido bite back? Virgin become a virgin again? They haven’t blinked yet to Koodo’s power punches. Here’s to hoping for the best…