Bell to release the Motorola XT860 4G on August 9th


  • Reggie Noble

    Looks good. I’m thinking about getting phone with a physical keyboard. This might be the one.

  • mda

    One of the best phones if it will actually get updates.

  • Anthony E

    How much ram does it have? It’s a tempting phone, but Motorola hurt my feelings with the Telus Milestone crap. I’ll never buy another one of their products.

    • Jake

      It has 512 Ram

    • Monsterduc

      Unless you absolutely need a keyboard, I would suggest the atrix over this one just for the gig in ram alone.

    • Me Ted

      Agreed. The Milestone was ok at 2.1. Since the “official update” to 2.2 (what a debacle) it’s been nothing but a POS. Not to mention the fact that it took them over a year to release it over its Droid counterpart. You can also add a locked bootloader to the list of their assaholic choices. Motorola will never get my business again.

  • charrion

    Nice specs, just a shame it’s a Motorola. So, not a phone to buy if you want custom roms. Stick with the Sensation for that, it will be unlocked in due time.

    • cstew

      it is unlocked and s-offed via unrevoked+alpharevx now

  • aka

    I would have preferred if they also included minimum RAM for their super phone segment, because 512MB RAM will cripple the dual-core CPU vs something like the S II or its bigger brother the Atrix, both have 1GB of dedicated RAM.

    For the same price, if the keyboard wasn’t a selling point, the Galaxy S II or their own Atrix model would perform much better overall with less lag, and therefore a much better buy in price/performance comparison.

    • Jake

      I have used this phone at a motorola road show last month and it actually runs a lot smoother than the Atrix, and the motorola rep was the first one to admit this. They said due to the fact of not making a lapdock for it, they didn’t feel it need the extra ram. Don’t judge the phone till you use it.

    • Me Ted

      I won’t. I’ll simply judge the company based on its history.

  • EmperumanV

    Another dual core smart phone errr “super phone” according to Bell. Sadly, its a Motorola and its not in my interests even though it has a QWERTY keyboard.

  • shoo

    imo there are too few GOOD android qwerty phones out there. Desire z is still the best after 1 year.
    This is better but unfortunately it is probably bootloader locked.

    • Neal

      Since I have no intention to mod/unlock the phone, a bootloader lock is of no consequence to me. If there’s no OS upgrade after a year but the phone still works fine (since these specs are sweet) and apps work, how is that such a bad thing?

  • roman129

    One of the cores will be dedicated to just running blur.

  • KingK

    If you want a keyboard this is the phone to get.

  • Tim G.

    Bells lineup is impressive, starting with the sgs2. Love the phone. Too bad Fido doesn’t wake up.

    • danion

      at least Fido’s at Rogers hand, but look at Telus. first hand telco and still snoring !…

  • JaYK

    All you guys do is complain! Nothing’s ever good enough.

    • monsterduc1000

      Galaxy SII is good enough.

  • Danny1983

    Moto blows but atleast Bell tries unlike Telus

  • scotiaguy

    I will never but Motorola devices again! I had the Q and it was garbage then 4 years later I tried the Milestone another mistake! Do not be fooled by the hardware specs the Motorola software will kill it. Done with Motorola.

    • monsterduc1000

      Agreed that I am never getting a Motorola again, but custom romming (CM6) my Milestone brought it back to a usable state until I can get my hands on a Galaxy SII or Nexus Prime.

    • mda

      Your are wrong about the Q, the Q and the Qh were the best qwerty phones (shaped like a bb) with windows 6.5 out there.

  • Big 3

    upcoming Xperia Pro from Fido or Motorola XT860 from Bell?

  • EH

    Bell is really milking this “4G” nonsense… EVERY FREAKING thing they release now is Blablabla 4G.

    I was looking through phones in the Hong Kong carriers, none of this “4G” 3G garbage.

  • Sam

    You need to have you head examined if you get a Motorola considering their behavior with the Xoom. For those who don’t know, they’ve abandoned it for users that are outside the U.S. Americans have got use of their sd cards and usb, and Canada do not. They misrepresented the Xoom in their marketing, translation, they cheated anyone who thought they could upgrade their memory with an sdcard and have full use of their usb connection. I see no reason to think they would behave any differently with their handsets. Motorola cannot be trusted by Canadians.

  • ty watts

    Motorola is incredible.always.ty

  • Toff

    Using an unlocked Samsung Galaxy s2 on the Rogers network, this phone rocks, seriously fast and light weight. Actual speeds are 4.3Mbps down and 1.1Mbps up on an HSPA+ connection. Loving android as an ex blackberry user, no more spinning clocks! Hard transferring from a real keyboard to a virtual one but getting used to it. I’m not a moto fan, 512MB of ram seems low for a “super phone” and 1.2ghz processors seem to be the standard right now so not sure why the 1ghz one in the moto.

  • neil

    Not sure what the point is of buying a 4G phone to run on a 3G network. Sort of like having a formula one racer and living in the backwoods

  • Lucas

    lol this phone looks awesome. geez greedy people always want more.