Rogers Galaxy S Infuse 4G price dropped to $99.99 on a 3-year before launch


  • XER

    They need to do it at 9.99.

  • Derrick Lang

    That’s more like it. I knew it’d happen, but I didn’t know it’d be a day before the device was even available. Now I’m wondering if the $50 credit applies to this phone. I’m also hoping MobileSyrup drops their review sometime today so I have a better idea of what to expect before I run out and purchase this phone.

  • m

    Probably because everyone is calling rogers and complaining about SG2

  • geojunk

    Much better price point for the capabilities of this machine! For all those people who don’t need to run lots of high end applications at the same time, this single-core may be pretty good. Wonder what the review will be like.

  • David R.

    I would have been shocked if the price stayed at the $150 mark.. how can anyone justify selling this phone at the same price as the SG2… just ludicrous..

    Although this is a step in the right direction, it does not change the fact that Rogers passed up on what is most probably the most anticipated phone of 2011 to date.

  • lei

    this price is more reasonable. however, still want SG2.

    • ddenn

      wouldn’t mind having the SGS2 as well, but it seems to me that this phone is the single core counterpart to the S2. i might pick this up soon, as i hypothesize that when OS’s and apps get so complex and demanding that a dual core is needed, the appropriate hardware will be there as well. I’m not 100% convinced that buying a dual core phone today completely future proofs myself for it to matter. my phone is falling apart, so i might have to opt to get this phone sooner than it will take for the S2 to be released for rogers anyways.

  • TH8MA3

    HTC Evo 3D > SG2

  • random

    I would get this because I don’t really need dual cores but it doesn’t have CM and I don’t know if there is any developers working on it. With the evo 3d atleast there is sense.

    • Mat

      If you’re referring to CyanogenMod7 you’d be wrong as they are already working on it, I’ve seen it on Youtube, and if you would have read a bit on this phone you’d know that the new TouchWiz4 on this has nothing to do with previous versions and has impressed many reviewers by how much the experience improved from the previous version.

  • Derrick Lang

    What’s CM?

  • Brett

    Has Rogers ACTUALLY passed on the GS2? I thought that it was heading to Bell, Rogers, and Telus, but Bell was the first to unleash it. Plus Bell is always very quick to point out if they’ve scored a phone on an EXCLUSIVE basis, but I haven’t seen that written anywhere in their stuff about the GS2.

  • Stupid

    Big maybe that the SGS2 will make it to Rogers by end of August/Early September. If not then it’s not coming at all.

    You people wait for reviews from here???? gsmarena had a quality full review months ago.

  • ddenn

    @stupid gsm arena and other sources reviewed the phone with android 2.2 and the older touchwiz. it would be nice to see how the new software translates to performance on the rogers device. also many reviewers bashed the data speed on this phone, but it was on the at&t network, which (from what i hear) has very dodgy quality in signal and data.

    • Stupid

      Touchwiz version will not change on the Infuse. It will be v3 forever as far as we know.
      Only the SGS2 will have v4.

  • alex

    on xda their are a bunch of devs waiting for a dump from the gingerbread 2.3 from any Rogers Infuse owner willing to dump(0 risk, only need basic computer skills…and some time :0).

    Once they get it and then when Samsung releases the source codes this baby will fly with an OC and probable CM

  • Mat L

    Phones in general should be cheaper … specially since they make us sign for three years here in Canada. Sasktel is selling the SGSII for 89.99$ on a three year. Now that’s good pricing. Obviously when you look at the price/contract duration ratios, it’s easy to see that the marketing department sets the prices because they are basically only giving you two options; buy outright or sign a three year term. I don’t see why anyone would sign for one or two years only to save 50-100$ on a device… Spend the extra cash and live contract free or commit to a carrier for three years but get a good deal on your phone.

  • Derrick Lang

    So I guess this is going to be a soft launch? The phone isn’t even up on Rogers’ website and outside of that launch party that no one attended, I haven’t seen any advertisements for it. Strange.

  • Jerrik

    If you’re a Rogers customer, this phone is the way to go. I would buy it if I didn’t dislike Rogers so much. I’m a Bell customer so I purchased the SGS2 last Thursday and I haven’t regretted it. It’s the best phone I have had yet.