WIND Mobile introduces a Prepaid option called “Pay Your Way”


  • john

    Wind Turing into a big three brand style prepaid?

    • tbr

      Very big three of them is correct.

  • Peter Boggs

    How much for Data?

    • Alex Perrier

      10¢ per 25 KB. Equivalent to $4.096/MB or $4194.304/GB, so far from ideal for intense internauts.

      Those who want to poke people can use FB Zero for free, though. WINDworld news, weather and media is also included. Unlimited SMS and FB for $5/month? That’s a low price! It will also be sweet for many young people who mostly only want these features.

      So people, consider this a good value, and a good way for WIND to add subscribers. It just shows that WIND can give so many features for so little, yet STILL make a profit from this.

  • Mystery

    If people don’t like it – then they can get one of the awesome rate plans… what’s the big deal?

  • Jay

    So this is some kind of prepaid plan, interesting. I guess 25-cents a minute is a decent rate, but how much is data and texting? Let’s face it, the majority of phone users are more into texting than calling. Could this be a “hook” to get people to spend more than they think they’re gonna be spending? With these prices it’ll be easy to get someone to pay for a year at $100, but let’s see how long that $100 really lasts.

  • Big 3

    give us a lower cost option like $0.10 a minute for province-wide calling! at a quarter a minute, you only get 60 mins for $15 a month =( Plus I think alot of low usage customers don’t call canada-wide often

  • jc

    Depending on your usage, it might be good, but overall it looks pretty crappy.

    If you want a PAYG that you’d barely use, I’d recommend comparing with 7-11 SpeakOut Wireless.

  • Alex Perrier

    This is pretty good for people who want a no-frills plan. For example, for a child or teenager who just wants unlimited text, $5 per month is an excellent plan. For someone who just wants to receive calls, they can pay only $10 per month. Want to have the entire family on a pager-like system to call each other? It’s only $5 per month per family member for unlimited WIND-to-WIND calling, which can’t be beat.

    Some people may not understand this move, because they want more advance features instead. But i congratulate WIND for making it even more affordable to own a cell phone in this constantly competitive market.

    (Cross-posted from WIND Mobile blog page.)

  • Fat Whale

    They are starting to adopt some stuff from Egypt. Egypt had a similar thing about the top up and service life.

  • bob

    This is essentially a Rogers MVNO plan. Same 25¢ rate in all of Canada, not only in Wind zones.

  • Automaton

    It’s a good idea to target the group who keep a phone in their glove compartments for emergencies. That said, with the exception of the 1 year expiry for $100+ purchases, they expire too soon to offer enough of a competitive advantage over the incumbents, in my opinion.

  • Adam

    hmmm… at $0.25/minute, and the highest plan starting at $100 good for a year.

    Let me get this straight, that’s 400 minutes for $100. Wow, what deals!!!

  • Notmyrealname


    it’s not really that good for voice. It’s 60$ per year for unlimited texting, which is amazing for ppl like me thatonly use 5-10 mins of talking but send 2k+ texts per month.

    Does this work with the windtab?

    • BT

      Except you need to top up at least $10 to keep the account active for more than 1 day. At least as I understand it.

      That makes the best price $100 for the year, and would leave you with $40 worth of calling after the cost of 12 months of unlimited texting.

    • Alex Perrier

      BT, i’m pretty sure that once you top up, say, $5, it gives you one day to use it up or purchase add-ons such as unlimited SMS. So as long as you pay the $5 voucher, then activate unlimited SMS before the 24 hours are up, you should be fine with only $5 vouchers.

      The trick, however, is to make sure to nail it once the “anniversary day” comes. Say you top up no more than 12 hours before your anniversary day. Again, your $5 vouchers should be fine, and there’s no need to spend more.

  • Sap

    The best feature IMO (taken from the FAQs):

    “If my phone runs out of minutes, can I send an emergency text?

    Hey, we’ve got your back. If you don’t have enough $$ in your account, with the SOS SMS feature you can borrow up to three text messages. Just dial *112# [Call] on your WIND phone. We’ll charge you for them once you top-up again. Use them wisely!”

    • Alex Perrier

      As if. 😀 The funny part is that 112 is actually the equivalent to 911 in Europe, so be careful, because it may dial 911 if you don’t include the * and #! But why are they called “emergency texts”?

  • Terry

    You know, this brings up a good issue. Why are digital currencies like cell phones minutes allowed to expire within a month if the company chooses.
    All telecom companies do this in Canada.

    I remember when gift cards were allowed to expire. How is this not the same category? Why isn’t it law that paying for a service, that the money you put in can’t expire till it’s used for the service?

    • Alex Perrier

      True that.

    • 0defaced

      The money you put in your MyWallet never expires……just sayin 😉

  • Automaton

    You bring up a good point, Terry. I’m kinda surprised that prepaid expiry dates weren’t part of the bill 60 overhaul.

    • JNS

      Probably because it costs telco’s to keep a line active as it is a service and a gift card costs almost $0 if not $0 to keep active as it’s really just a counter.

  • Tim G.

    How do you charge texts by the minute? 😛 FAIL.

    • Alex Perrier

      Hmm. i’m guessing you can send as many texts as you can in a minute for only 15¢! 😀

      Honestly, it should be 10¢, though. 15¢ is normal – for the Big Three.

  • cheenachatze

    Since there is no reoccurring monthly fee, this could be popular among tourists, but what’s with the $25 SIM card? Does Wind really want my business?

  • whocares

    Wind BLOWS!

  • Simon

    Rogers has a better rate than this. $100 top ups can get you into the $0.25/minute for the first 5 minutes per day, followed by $0.15/minute for every minute after that.

    As a value provider, Wind should offer a better rate. $0.20/minute at most.


    im swithching to wind mobile soon and i was just woundering if anyone could help me with a question. On a pya as you go phone for the add-ons can you have more than one add-on for the phone or does wind only let you have one-add on to the phone say if i got the blackberry i would get the PYW social blackberry add on and i wanted to get the pay your way unlimited text (CA/USA) but im not sure if they would allow that or not. And does voicemail come on the phone free or do you have to add that on to help please