Rogers to release the Samsung Galaxy Q


  • Norm

    Hahaha, I was hoping that it would be the Galaxy S II

    • Kenypowa

      at least Rogers have HTC EVO 3D to fall back on. What does Telus have?

  • Cadet

    as SE getting the new mini out…
    rogers is NOW launching the mini pro…
    it was suppose to be launch months ago in their magazines….

  • Senk

    Why is the Xperia Mini Pro on that list? As far as I know it was announced by Rogers last year but never ended up getting released.

  • Carlos

    Come on telus, what’s going on?

  • Adam

    Meh, doesn’t affect me as I’ll never buy a “lite” device, but good for those who want the smartphone experience, but don’t want a $50+ plan. For the “lite” users.

    Not so sure about the Xperia mini pro though, that’s gotta be a tough phone to use.

  • Alex

    it’s the NEW mini pro with 2.3 and a snapdragon processor!

  • TD

    darn, I was hoping it was the new 5.3″ phone. I guess I’ll need to purchase off eBay and unlock when it becomes available.

  • Harris

    Another crappy release from Rogers… How do they still have zombie customers?

  • Eli

    Now, if it was a dual core Samsung QWERTY slider, like a Galaxy S2 with keyboard, I’d be all over it. Instead it’s some lame “entry level” kiddie phone. Guess we’ll have to wait till fall/winter for Rogers to get a phone on par with Bell’s offerings. Here’s hoping for a Tegra 2 phone.

    • hiewro \

      Like a dual core QWERTY better then the SGS2 would be in a “lite” category. If you need dual core obviously you would be using more then 100MB

  • MobileAlphaLeader

    $10 for 100MB, you my friends are living up to your name, Robbers!

  • Otto

    The Q is probably a slider version of the Phoenix. If you’re in the “OMG it HAS to have a dual-core or it’s a COMPLETE waste of time” fanboy… you’re on the wrong trolley. This is a phone for kids of parents who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a $99.99 phone and a $55 monthly plan. Not every phone needs to be filled with the latest hardware to be a legitimate option for lots of customers out there.

  • okm22

    the Galaxy Q is not going to be a slider, that photo you posted is photoshopped… your article is fake

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