Confirmed: Rogers to release the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D this summer


  • Cody

    Okay, I really want to know what’s up with TELUS and what they’re thinking when even Rogers, ROGERS is getting good handsets and TELUS is in the dust…………

  • Nex

    Wait what? Rogers and HTC? Unheard of.

    Maybe they’re finally getting their act together

  • Pens13

    Now telus went from the top to the bottom that fast…

  • Matt

    Rogers and HTC? It’s been a while hasn’t it?

  • Stimulator

    So, what’s left for Telus to release??

    • Kenypowa

      The Optimus Black! rocking hard with 2.2 nontheless!

    • kljasdg

      desire s perhaps? if it does, i hope it hits koodo too

  • cybik

    Or maybe Telus are going to have a 2wk exclusivity of the Nexus Prime?

  • christianvillani


  • Zena

    Maybe Telus has standards when it comes to Smartphones.

  • dan

    That’s the ugliest HTC phone I’ve ever seen.

  • swb1983

    This is by far the worse news I heard about new phones. Rogers are the biggest crooks in the country and it shows what money can do. Thank you for ruining my hopes of getting an EVO 3D. Bell TELUS or mobilicity would have been a better choice. Hope everyone who gets at Rogers will probably be succumbed to an extra 3D fee as they only care about your wallet

    • wizard

      to steve dion , your sons 3ds is not real 3d this is why its not great, as for charging for 3d features thats funny the phone has the 3d option not the carrier.

      as for the lineup i hear since the lte will be lauched everywhere by end of 2011 that the reason the galaxy s 2 isnt coming is because Rogers and Samsung are working on LTE phones.

    • Stimulator

      Wizard> The Nintendo 3DS *IS* real 3D, just like these phones. Nintendo was ahead of the curve on this technology.

  • JK


  • JayJay

    It’s about time! It amazes me how a company as large as Rogers went so long without releasing any flagship devices…..its nice to see Rogers rekindle their relationship with HTC 😉

    • Adam

      Because they truly do beleive the Xperia is a “flagship device”.

      Touting the X10 as the hottest thing since sliced bread. They didn’t count on the SGS outselling the hell out of it.

      Now the Arc, again, SGSII takes back seat.

      Now they finally get a real device. Hopefully they’ll get a good HTC LTE device too. Refreshed version of the Thunderbolt maybe?

    • Andy

      I got a response on the original post on Redboard. See below or check comments on the redboard post, but we’ll be seeing LTE devices from HTC and Samsung later this year.

      “Hi Andy,

      These are not LTE devices. LTE smartphones from HTC and Samsung will be launched later this year.

      – RogersKatie

  • Abe

    This will be the first HTC phone Rogers gets in two years, they must have worked things out with one another.

  • telus

    Lols, why you mad?

  • Azul

    I mentioned in another post that all the providers bid on the new phones to be released. They have no line of sight to what the others are bidding. Unfortunately Bell has been outbidding both TELUS and Rogers on alot of the new dual core phones and has been gaining exclusivity on them for the time being. Rogers now has both these 3D phones but frankly I could care less as Id rather have one single 8 megapixel camera then have 3D videos I can only view on my phone due to not owning any other 3D capable viewing technology in my home (No future plan to either). Its too bad that TELUS isnt winning these bids. I imgaine they will get some better dual core devices in the comming months. Perhaps they will have more of the new W7M devices (Perhaps that S2 looking W7M device shown here the other day)? Either that or the Nexus Prime or HTC Holiday. Maybe even Bell will lose exclusivity on the Sensation or hopefully S2 and TELUS will have it as well for Christmas. Im sure Samsung would like all carriers selling the S2 come November for Christmas shoppers. Especially with possible Iphone 5 release by then. Still lots of stuff to come and pretty difficult to predict. Its unfortunate though that us TELUS clients are forced to wait longer if you want to take advantage of the 3 year SA in getting a new device. HTC Hero hang on a little bit longer! Should be a great line up and competition come end of year between apple, android and microsoft. Very excited to see!

  • Kemist

    OMG Rogers Finally Stepping up There Line up

  • telus

    Why you all hating on us? We have blackberry!!

  • zorxd

    Good news for Rogers users however I think it’s a bit strange to get two 3D phones at once. 3D phones are not for everybody. I hope these are also good 2D phones.
    The Evo 3D looks interesting on paper. 1GB RAM (more than the Sensation), qHD display, 1730mAh battery. 3D will only be a plus.

    • TheDeysion

      EVO 3D is a good 2D Phone as well

  • Azul

    On a side note. TELUS will probly carry the best new Windows 7 Mango devices to be launched. Easy to assume considering their strong relationship with Microsoft already using their Mediaroom TV. Or as TELUS calls it ‘Optik’ along with all the free Xboxes they are giving away on 2 year SA for HS internet.

  • drizzo613


  • espink

    Shoots 3D video. How much is a phone like that going to cost a person?

    • Adam

      I’d imagine probably similar cost to an iphone at first, then it will drop.

      Evo 3D from Sprint is $549 off-contract, $200 on a 2-year contract.

      I’d expect about $149.99 on a 3-year contract from Rogers. That’s about what they’ve been releasing their other high-end phones for initially.

  • Steve Dion

    Wow glad I just left Rogers for Bell. Great service but horrible handset lineups. Who cares about 3D. Tried it on my son’s 3DS … Awful !

  • Eli

    Nice to see Rogers finally getting dual core Android phones but it seems Rogers is bent on gimmick-phones like Xperia Play and now phones with 3D cameras. I’d rather a Samsung Galaxy 2 or an Android with a Tegra 2 CPU. Even a dual core Android with a physical qwerty keyboard would be nice.

    • Sean

      Bell bell and ohhh look Bell … seems they have everything you want…

  • Dipol

    I wanted to get SG2 but now with this I am so confused. I mean I am stuck with rogers with a contract. I can buy SG2 but I heard the benchmarks on these two phone is better than SG2 and on top rogers is realising 4g network. Really confused 🙁

  • RiverCitySlim

    I’m really not interested in a 3D phone, but I guess it’s the best Rogers will have to offer.


    Wow, again Telus is left in the dust. I’m up for my free upgrade from my Curve 8330 as of June 18th and it’s not looking good. I even called L&R about switching to Bell for the Sensation and they had nothing to offer a 9 year customer! Hopefully Telus gets something soon, and I don’t mean the “new” Blackberry’s.

  • Mark

    THis phone is better than sensation. With a bigger battery, high res screen (okay sensation has the same resolution so ok) and 1GB ram…

    It’s a true contender to SGS2. Not a bad phone at all. And guys, you can turn off 3D any time to save on battery and turn on whenever needed. There is a switch on the side to do that.

    Finally rogers has a device i can buy outright without worrying about unlocking or signing up a one month plan to waste more money!

    • saffant

      -5MP vs 8MP..

      -Sensation is also thinner.. and lighter (seriously.. 170g..)

      -Shoots 1080p whilst this is stuck with only 720p.

      -Looks are subjective.. but i for one prefer the feel and look of the Sensation.

      Sensation is still the flagship phone for HTC 😉

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    Finally I will be happy 🙂

  • Zeusus

    Wow…. Telus is doing the limbo – and the bar just fell even lower. Grounbreaking, cutting edge? I think not. Is too bad when I’m up for an upgrade and may just switch providers instead…

    • wkeup

      My contract with Telus ends later this year. I called Telus to cancel it as I intend to switch to Virgin for the galaxy s2…the rep seemed like he’d heard my story before. “Oh..galaxy s2…right..ok I will cancel your contract for you.” Didn’t even put up a fight.

  • crunch204

    good for them, finally a dual core. but really, as said above, it can only be viewed on the phone or a #D-capable device. this means that only a small audience will find this relivant. good job rogers, but not good enough. bell will have 4 dual cores total by end of august (maybe more?) and bell/telus rate plans are much better.

  • crunch204


  • Brayden

    Haha, that leaves 2 big three, and there was one..

  • Hiscock

    Anyone from Bell who wants this over the SGS2 wanna trade? 😉

  • PygmySurfer

    I was all set to ditch Rogers for the Sensation on Virgin, now I’m not so sure. I don’t care about 3D, but the extra memory on the EVO is appealing.

  • EmperumanV

    I guess good news for Rogers customers who like 3D phones heh? Needless to say, not everyone will require a phone like this, and it only tailors to those who have 3D TVs or monitors to view 3D pictures. Otherwise pointless to get a 3D phone.

    In my opinion, Rogers is still lacking behind the terms of handsets. Shall see how these two phones increase their sales…

  • Terwax

    Is this like Sensation and only better?

    I know the 8MP thing, but this one has 3D (not that i will or most will need) but it does boosts its resell value.

    Has 1gb ram, 4gb internal memory and people say it looks better (don’t like circles though)

    Might buy and trade with galaxy s2, reasonable or no?

  • rg

    on paper it looks like a great phone,
    will just have to pick it up and try it on in store.
    its time to retire the ol’ iphone3g and i can wait any longer.
    its kind of ugly but they all look the same inside of an otterbox

  • Mat L

    @ rg … lol yeah inside an Otterbox they do all look the same, huge ahahah

    I’m in the same predicament being that I’m still holding on to my iPhone 3G that seems to get slower and slower by the minute. I was really hopping the SGS2 would launch on all carrier at the same time but now it looks like I may have to buy outright from Bell as these simply won’t work for me. I don’t care for 3D and anyone who follows the reviews will already know these don’t compare to the SGS2. It’s nice to hear Rogers may be working on getting other devices but I’m up for renewal now and in serious need for an upgrade. I just don’t think I can wait till Xmas for the Prime or iPhone 5.

  • Joseph Niagara

    HTC & Rogers? Does anyone remember the HTC Dream? And how HTC and Rogers lock the boot loader. Mine is in the drawer. First Android phone in Canada locked. I will go to my grave before I buy another HTC phone again. Ever notice how this company makes underpowered phones every month, only to disown them less than a year later. Some of us don’t have $$$$ to keep buy several phones over the period of a three year contract.

  • anon

    It’s not like you need to use 3d its stills great phone, the best that Rogers announced thus far. I’ll be getting this when it is released I just hope HTC unlocks the bootloader before or soon after this is released.

  • wtv

    Bell, Bell, Bell…

    But Bell sucks. Great phones, s**t service.

  • Eloi

    got my evo 3d pre ordered tenth in line. Cant wait finally something worth waiting for.

  • Jake

    Guys, you all talk about the HTC, but what about the LG optimus 3D ? Which you think is better ? Optimus seems to have better hardware.

    • GLim

      I think one of the big sells would be the fact that HTC Sense is amazing and it ships with Android 2.3

  • Thai

    Sweet. I filled the cup.

    By the way, I’m still sporting the HTC TyTN on Rogers! Ha!

  • Mark

    I am getting evo 3d instead of sgs2. Sgs2 is a powerhouse but this is no slouch at all. Sense runs beautiful on this and I am not getting an iOS lookalike after replacing my iPhone 4. Also I do tons of reading on my phone and qhd > 800×480 for that. Also the bootloader will get unlocked soon although I could care less about that.

    It’s a very decent phone, just not hyped as much sgs2. Not a problem for me.

  • nat

    I think the resolution is better on the qHD but the screen itself is better on the GS2 although I’ll be getting an EVO 3D as I’m on Rogers anyhow lol. I’m to broke to buy out right and I don’t mind contracts. @Jake i think its personal preference, most things are the same. The only differences is the design, the processor, and the camera. I’d prefer that EVO 3D as i said but the Optimus 3D has 1080p 2d video recording while the EVO 3D only has 720p 2d recording. I have to admit though that it’s sense that is swaying me but hopefully the bootloader is unlocked eventually so i can get me some CM7.

  • dan

    Argh?!?! What to do??? Battling between EVO 3D vs SGS2…I wanna stay with Rogers for my existing plan and discounts and now I have some reason to stay with Rogers instead of switching to Bell for the SGS2. Pls help me decide. I’m sure there are lots of you in the same boat since Rogers has not released anything new aside from the Nexus S.

    • Thai

      HTC EVO 3D hands down. SG2 doesn’t compare.

  • Gilad

    I have reserved mine on MyRogers and I’m in slot number 4!

  • MARS

    Everyone is hung up on the phone having 3D!!! If you don’t want to use it, there is a switch on the side that allows you to turn it off!!!

    HTC phones are built much better then those flimsy Samsung phones!!! Glad Rogers finally got HTC back into their lineup!!!

    Fed up with Wind…went to Square One yesterday and could get NO signal at all!! Went outside and the phone was stuck on Away Roaming!!!

    When I left Rogers for Wind, the retention rep said ‘are you sure you want to go with Wind?’ guess he was right!!

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Mars do not feel bad many people were fooled. Now many are leaving ship. I am sure the steamed veg will share the latest memo on how wind is in a slump. Official number of almost 270k subs ( internal memo ) make jabroni look like a.. well a jabroni!

  • russell

    Rogers is the first to bring 3D phones to Canada and the first to launch LTE. not to mention them bringing iPhone here and consistently having the best network. i’ve been on all the major networks and ive found Rogers to be the better one. Bell and Telus had to team up just to fend off Rogers, so maybe give Rogers a little credit here. i’m betting on them to remain ahead of Bell and Telus for the foreseeable future, and come January when all the LTE networks will be live, of course we’re gonna see Rogers continue to aggressively secure exclusives like this. oh, and ive worked for Bell, and they’re horrible. dubbing them Robbers is ridiculous as well as all 3 are terrible at pricing. they all follow each other’s prices within days of each one launching specific plans. how you all dont notice that is beyond me. remember the $60 1GB, fave 10 plan that telus brought out? while working for Bell, we put our ‘Fab 10’ into effect 2 days later, and Rogers added their ‘My 10’ within the next week. they all charge a lot, so stop putting it on one carrier. at the end of the day, at least our networks are better than America’s

  • russell

    remember before Telus and Bell went HSPA that Rogers used to get the best phones cause CDMA was garbage? yeah, Rogers has been bringing the best devices to our country for a long time. show a little respect here.

  • russell

    plus when you upgrade on Rogers you don’t pay up front, the device goes on your next bill. Bell makes you pay up front

  • Ray

    Rogers getting these phone is Too Little Too Late, IMO.

  • ADN

    When LG rolls out the update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Optimus 3D in October, the phone will be able to convert applications and games into 3D. To do this LG has worked with a different partner to develop a new software engine for the task.
    This will only be able to convert applications and games that have been developed using the popular OpenGL application programming interface. Musgrave told us that the conversion will be the same method as the current photo conversion, estimating depth using individual pixels and algorithms.
    A big drawback is that the phone can display 3D content only in landscape mode and this won’t change when the update arrives. Any applications or games that use only portrait mode won’t be suitable for conversion.
    Those that use both portrait and landscape modes will display 3D only in landscape and will automatically switch into 3D. If you’re not keen on it then the feature will be able to be switched on and off using the phone’s dedicated 3D button.

    Pretty interesting.