Samsung Galaxy S II 4G priced at $149.99 on a 3-year at Best Buy, launching July 21st


  • Frank

    Anyone know if this still feels like a cheap piece of plastic like the sgs1?

    • SmilingBuddha

      Still the cheap plastic, but almost every review agrees that it really feels solid in the hand.

    • daguy

      Yes it’s still plastic, but they have texturized the back cover and the phone feels a lot more rigid. It no longer feels cheap like the original galaxy, plus the texture of the back prevents finger printing.

      The soft touch material that HTC and LG use would be nice though.

    • Frank

      Yea HTC phones feel absolutely perfect. That’s why im still rocking my HTC Desire and i love the feel of the HTC Sensation.

      The sgs2 does have better specs though.

      But then again, so did the sgs1 and anyone who had one from Bell suffered from that internal SD error so i’ve lost faith in Samsung. But the did do a whole internal revamp to probably avoid this issue from happening again

    • jellmoo

      I wouldn’t say it’s solid in the hand. It has a good feel and fits well, in my hand anyway, but it is very light and you’ll never mistake it for a premium build device. For example, performance wise it is a strictly better device than the Sensation, but the HTC phone is considerably sturdier and has a more premium feel.

    • Jerrik

      Just because it is made out of plastic doesn’t mean it is cheap. It is made out of very high quality plastic. I work at Future Shop in the cell phone department and I had the pleasure of playing with this phone for an entire week. Trust me, this phone does not feel cheap nor does the plastic it is made of. In fact, whether anyone disagrees with me or not, it is my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S2 actually feels more durable than the iPhone 4. Do your research before calling a high end smartphone like this cheap. It just makes you sound ignorant.

    • Keri

      I played with it in my hands about a month ago at a store that sold the UK version. It did feel like cheap plastic and easily-breakable (but according to reports, they say the plastic is pretty sturdy). All in all, the screen and response are awesome, but the feel doesn’t match up to HTC for sure. There are also reports that this phone heats up rather quickly (some say that their phones were so hot that their ears were burnt). I was debating between the SGS2 and HTC Sensation, and I am learning more towards the Sensation at the moment. Still deciding.

      People on here are going to thumb down any comments that are in any way negative to SGS2. They feel that just because the specs are great, no one should dislike the phone in any way. Some would just say to get a case…but if we are paying that much for a phone, I believe that the material should at least be at a certain standard that reflects the price.
      There is just no room here for the people who hold different beliefs (ie. SGS2 is not 100% awesome). Now that I have said all this, I wonder if my comment will be thumbed down as well?

    • jellmoo


      I have been doing some pretty in depth comparisons of these devices at work. The Galaxy S2, in my opinion, has a much nicer screen and runs smoother than the Sensation. But yes, it simply does not match the build quality. It isn’t a horribly bad thing altogether, because the Galaxy S2 is *considerably* lighter in the hand. If that is what you value, then great. But I think that you are deluding yourself if think that the build quality is at the same level of a high end HTC device or an iPhone 4.

    • asdkjfas

      although the back cover is extremely thin and may seem “cheap”, try bending it to break it in half. it is as malleable as it gets, incredible.

    • TomatoGuy

      RIP iPhone 4. Android has finally WON.

    • Frank

      He is asking a dam question. Stop down voting him and answer the question.

  • Beso

    Hey lets hope that Bell wont have problems with the SG2 as they did with the previous one and everyone was returning them!

  • crunch204

    it was more samsung than bell’s issue, but given the design and OS improvements it looks like they have learnt from the vibrant

    • daguy

      They probably learned a lot when they worked with Google on the Nexus S. They made a number of important improvements over the standard Galaxy S (GPS, filesystem improvements, etc) and I get the feeling they put all of that knowledge to good use in the GS II.

      So far it seems to be pretty much issue free, which is quite rare in the smartphone world as every new phone seems to have some glaring design problem.

  • F Dizzle

    This is the BEST PHONE ON THE PLANET right now. I plan on getting it next month. Having said that, there have been issues with them overheating and problems with wifi. I’m hoping that the Bell versions will be good (hoping, but doubtful), especially considering Bell & Samsung’s pathetic customer service.

    149$ on a 3 year is a good price. Kudos to Bell for snatching up all the best phones of 2011.

  • F Dizzle

    The battery cover is extremely flimsy BUT it’s very flexible and hard to break. So you might think it’s going to break, but it probably won’t. PROBABLY won’t …lol

  • need sgII

    Yes Bell has pathetic customer service but i’d still be willing to sign a 3yr with them to get this phone. Where they’ll get us is the voice\data plan. Has anyone tried talking to Bell to work out a good deal on a phone plan? I’d love to be able to get 6GB for $30.

    • F Dizzle

      That deal normally comes out at that same time as the new iphone gets released

    • M

      @need sgII: You can call them and get it, its being offered now. At least by Telus/Rogers.

    • Ivan

      If your in sask, the 55$ Fab10 comes with 5gb of data. That’s right, 55$ for voice and 5gb data rather than 80$. The guys at the kiosk at Victoria Square have great customer service. Love my new Bell phone.

  • kenypowa

    The perfect phone would be the internal of SGII, Build quality and material of HTC Sensation, Super AMOLED screen, unlocked bootloader with HTC Sense 3.0

    • asdkjfas

      don’t you mean super amoled PLUS screen, or the rumoured super amoled HD 😛

  • jaydee

    I wonder how long until Rogers has it… No Bell here.

    • SamTron

      Does anyone know if there are plans to release it soon on other networks i.e. hope to God Telus?

  • AJW

    Now my question is “How the heck did Bell/Virgin get their hands on BOTH the Sensation AND the Galaxy SII?????”

    • Laura

      i was at bell q3 training last week and they said they have access to all these phones first because they bought out the source, ctv and pretty much everything else… so their relationship with manufacturers has improved drastically.

    • George

      Bell know people , they get by

  • EmperumanV

    @AJW Good question. Good move by them as well.

  • mrpulla

    Anyone that says they would prefer the Sensation over the SGII has a very interesting point of view on cell phones. The SGII blows the Sensation out of the water, and it’s not even close. The phone doesn’t feel cheap at all. If having the phone heavier, thicker, and make of some cheap metal is a “premium” feel than I guess I will stick with the light one that is thinner and supports a phone that is clearly superior to any other phone on the market. But hey, I don’t have an agenda or a loyalty to anyone so what do I know?

  • Ron

    Still waiting on the Virgin announcement. And wondering if they’ll match Koodo’s new data rates.

  • Jayyy

    i called best buy mobile today and they said it wud be releases on july 15th idk who to believe

  • Victor

    No doubt the sgs2 is a beast of a phone, but I just can’t stand how much it looks like the iphone4. i mean, it still looks nice, but its clearly a copy, just as the original series was a copy of the 3gs, excluding the captivate.

  • EmperumanV

    I wouldn’t trust the reps at Best Buy or Future Shop that much, considering most of them are clueless. I ended up going this past weekend and inquiring about the HTC Sensation at Best Buy and did the same at Future Shop. Stumped them with a question.

    The Bell store reps are much more helpful. The ones I called up yesterday all informed me its July 21st.

  • alphaTristelune

    I will go with the SGSII because it’s very thin, very light and the Super AMOLED+ display. Those was a very important selling point for me. Those are more important than the ‘feel’ of being made with premium quality, because after all, it’s just a feel and do not bring anything on the table.

    At one point, I did think about the Sensation because of the qHD screen. Coming from the IPhone 3G, I never play with Sense or TW so this is a non-factor. Lower RAM is also a factor as well as lower hard drive

  • Mat

    I called Bell today and told them I was willing to switch from Rogers if they gave me a good deal but they pretty much offered me something you can put together yourself on th website which in my books is NOT A DEAL !!! I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they are also offering 6gigs of Data for 30$ because I was always under the impression that 5 was the max with Bell. The call ended with the service rep telling me he’d call me the day the phone came out to see if was ready to take the plunge. Wait and see if they call me between now and the 21st !!!

  • Mat

    I guess I could also add that I called Rogers to tell them I was getting ready to jump ships because I wanted the SGS2 and wanted to talk to “retention” or customer care I think is what they call it but I first had to talk to a first line rep who was clueless about phone and apparently looked up what was coming out soon that would compare and I basically told her listen just pass me on because I know you don’t have anything that interests me. The infuse wasn’t even mentioned so they still aren’t even close to releasing that yet !!! Pathetic so anyways told retention I better get a deal on my plan or I was gone but they couldn’t do much more then 10$off without restarting a three year term which I obviously didnt want to do. Now I’m stuck between waiting for it to come to Rogers or switching to Bell.

  • jpl

    Drop the iPhone 4, see if it shatters.
    Drop the SGS1, see if it shatters.

    I think a lot of people forget that plastic is actually pretty durable. I’ve dropped my Galaxy a few times, there are just a few marks on it. My friend just dropped his Sensation and shattered the screen.

    Now what I don’t like is what I just read on the Best Buy web page”

    “1GB built-in memory that’s expandable up to 32GB with an optional memory card”

    What happened to 16GB internal?!

  • EmperumanV

    @jpl Sometimes the information might be misleading on Best Buy’s website. I know for a fact its 16GB, plus 8GB micro SD card included which is expandable to 32GB according to gsmarena

    Who knows though what Bell might get… might better to check it up with them…

  • Misterx

    damn you bell and virgin……future shop and bestbuy are advertising the galaxy s2 but there is nothing saying that phone is to be sold on July 21 in the flyer….RAR I’m so confused…..maybe I can argue with future shop or best buy that the flyer has no release date….

  • Cory

    Best Buy is showing 1GB on-board…….I thought it was 16GB. Typo maybe?

  • Pascal

    Anybody noticed that BestBuy is announcing it with 1Gb or built0in memory expandable to 32Gb???

  • Jer

    Can anyone confirm whether the Bell SGSII will have NFC capabilities??

    • cybik

      no one can confirm or infirm that specific information.

  • Alpha

    Why is everyone so caught up about the price? Bell pays a commission of somewhere around $150 for selling the phone on a 3-year plan. Any store can take that $150 or a portion and apply it to Bell’s price. So, if Bell’s price to the dealer is $170, BB is just applying $20 of the $150 commission towards the price.

    You can get it for less at smaller dealers if you have a good relationship with them. Just have the salesperson be willing to take a lower commission to subsidize the price of the phone.

  • thumpr77

    Went to bell, wireless wave, and best buy today. All say July 21st. Called bell yesterday about my Corp plan and said I was going to cancel and go to Rogers as they offer similar Corp plan (which they do), and where offering me 6gb $30 plan (which they weren’t). Bell said they will give me the 6gb data and full upgrade eligibilty (I was only a month away from eligibilty). Now I just wait. 🙂

  • wedge

    The link to the Best Buy page comes up as a “page not found” and I just spoke with a retentions agent and he didn’t have, nor could find, any information about it’s arrival date.

    • wedge

      As a follow up to my earlier comment, it’s advertised in both the Futureshop and BestBuy flyers this week but nothing online still. How odd is that?

  • Ronald

    Uh-oh. I get the same result as wedge. No sign of it on The Source anymore, and I have never seen it on Future Shop. Sure smells of further delay.

    Look at me: Middle-aged kid in the toy store whimpering because my special toy will be delayed. I suppose I ought to reflect on my immaturity and be thankful that I am not starving in Africa. But I want my toy NOW!!!

    (p.s. If you can afford this phone, you can afford to send a couple of hundred to the Red Cross or World Vision for African famine relief.)

  • David

    BB says $169 again

  • Lor

    Will Best Buy allow you to buy just the phone? I already have a bell phone plan and I am not eligible for an upgrade yet so i have to buy the phone out right, will I be able to do this?!

  • kris

    this phone is priced at $169.99 on their website…same as everywhere else for a 3 year.