SaskTel releases the basic Samsung C414


  • zico

    I see it supports 4G…

    • Alex Perrier

      Perfect for Opera Mini at the blazing fast “4G” speeds of 3.6 Mbps on the massive 2.2-inch screen!

      (Note: 3 Mbps is considered “Rogers Lite Internet”.)

  • A

    @Zico, LOLL!

    Seems too pricy, compared to other carriers.

  • Adam

    Wow, $40 on a 3-year? This should be free on a 2-year. Maybe even a 1-year… I don’t see many of these selling.

    • Alex Perrier

      It is $49.99 on a two-year with TELUS, the same price as an LG Madison on prepaid. The latter, i can say, is a decent phone for the price. There are even occasional sales on it, and it comes with a $20 credit!

      Outright, the Samsung costs $149.99 with TELUS or $110 with WIND or Mobilicity. Seems like a little much for a simple flip feature phone. All of these types of phones should cost under $100 outright!

      Please, people, contracts for feature phones are so not worth it! 🙁

  • GDub

    I like the clock.

  • Alex Perrier

    Hey Mobile Syrup, you forgot to add Rogers. $19.99 on a three-year, $135 outright. Multi-carrier, almost like the Nexus S.

    WARNING: Huge contracts for feature phones are so not worth it! :/

  • Swiggs

    Its much cheaper with Rogers. Full price is 134.99 at most Rogers stores, and thats no subsidy!!!

  • V+L+A+D+M+I+H+A+E+L+E+S+C+U

    more garbage, get an iPhone

  • Downhill Dude

    There was no quad-band HSPA in the ’90s. Just sayin’.

  • Jaymmer

    If this is their version of the Rugby it will most definately sell like crazy with businesses.
    Ruggedized basic phone = big win for industrial businesses

  • Breeze

    This is a phone that should be sold at $49.99 outright! All carriers like it because the profit margin is extremely high!

    • 0defaced

      some carriers yes, but it’s not that high overall. Cost on them is about $108.86

  • 0defaced

    $109.99 at Mobi, plus i hear the rep at New West MM is knocking $50 off the price…

    • noodle

      All the stores are doing it

  • ELNY

    You have to be brain dead to not be able to afford this phone out right and sign a potentially $400 cancellation fee, 3 yr contract.