Telus LG Optimus Black and Optimus Chat First Hands-on


  • YYZtraveler

    Does this mean we can buy Canadian DID’s from Skype now?

  • Alex Perrier

    Yay, because more devices means more competition! 😀

  • XER

    $2 credit???? Wow…. This is too generous for Telus!

    • Adam

      $2 skype credit is like 200 free minutes you ungrateful bass tard

  • John

    Why would telus want to encourage cheap calling with Skype?

  • Andy

    yes! an affordable android phone with a qwerty, I hope its around 199

  • Cody

    Far from comparable to the Sensation and GS2….. TELUS really needs to act soon and pull something out of their sleeve.
    Get the EVO 3D, maybe the Moto Photon, and the HTC Holiday and then we’ll talk.

    • monsterduc1000

      Any of those phones would be fantastic, but if Telus is insisting on LG phones, at least get the Optimus 2x.

  • stgh

    Optimus chat is kinda ugly… and the keyboard seems small.

  • asdglkjaslk

    hoping for telus htc desire s!

  • KC

    Umm, yay? Another landscape qwerty slider and another mid pack Android phone that could not look more anonymous if it tried.

    Seriously Telus? These and the Status are your summer line up? Heck, at least Rogers Nokia X7 is unique looking and Symbian isn’t dead quite yet. Let’s not even mention the gems Bell has been pulling out lately. These just don’t stand out at all.

    Can you at least try and launch something moderately less vanilla?

  • jimmeny

    They got rdio? Rdio rules!!

  • Sunny

    The Optimus Black is Sexy.

  • human

    You know they say, “once you go black you can never go back!”

  • A

    LG QWERTY keyboard *shudders*, brings back memories of LG Neon keyboard..

  • zico

    The skype android app needs to support SMS, and Canadian Numbers. IF it did this, then it would be worth getting an ipad plan from telus and relying on skype to do all your calls. 🙂

    Think $20 for 500mb (more than enough for idle skype and a few calls) + $3 skype calling to North america.

    • zico

      …assuming you can put an ipad sim chip in a smartphone of course.

  • Crunch204

    How are they going to market this? It’s just something els to pay for every month.


  • Patrick

    come on telus you can do better than that. bell is gonna kill you this summer with sg2 and the htc sensation super phone .so tell me telus that im sleeping and have nots woke up from a bad dream yet. and if you tell me that I’m not sleeping or dreaming I’m going to have to do something drastic maybe a switch