Telus LG Optimus Black and Optimus Chat First Hands-on

In addition to the HTC Status, Telus and LG are launching a couple cool devices in the mix.

First the Optimus Black, which is launching with on Android 2.2 with a 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 5MP/2MP cameras back and front, and a partnership with Skype that is hoping to set it apart from the competition. The partnership extends to preloading the app onto the device (or at least linking directly to the Android Marketplace) and allowing for the service to directly charge your Telus account when you need a refill.

The device also boasts the highest brightness of any device on the market at 700nits, and black levels seem excellent as well. It will be upgraded, according to Telus, by the end of the year.

Since it uses data, it won’t encroach on your minutes, but due to the tight integration, you are able to use it as a replacement calling app to make calls, locally or long-distance. This is the first partnership of its kind, and it seems that Telus is moving quickly towards such ventures. Linking with Facebook for the Status and Rdio music service, which also supports carrier billing, is part of the plan to be more of a middleman (a dumb pipe, if you will) between the user and the service.

We’ll have more photos and videos in the next few weeks.

The Optimus Chat is a follow-up to the Optimus One, and as a result is not aimed at the high-end market. Instead, it builds upon the strengths of the original and adds a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It’s going to run a 600Mhz processor, 512MB RAM, a 3.2MP camera with Android 2.2 Froyo (upgradeable to 2.3).