Best Buy starts selling unlocked phones

There are many ways to get your device unlocked, the carriers are doing this now but it’ll cost you between $50 and $75. Then you can find one of the thousands of websites that charge anywhere from $5- $25 for an unlock code. Now, you can walk into Best Buy and get an unlocked device as they have started to sell a few of them. On hand now are 3, but more are coming. The BlackBerry Curve 9300 can be your for $439.99 unlocked; Nokia 2730 is available for $229.99 unlocked and probably the best of all, the Nexus S starts at $424.99 (has been there since it launched in Canada).

Best Buy states that “Purchasing an unlocked handset gives you more handset options to choose from and more flexibility as to where you use it. Because an unlocked handset isn’t tied to a particular service provide”… so you buy the phone and they will activate it on the carrier of your choice.

Source: Best Buy