TELUS LG Optimus Black and Bell HTC Sensation 4G up for pre-order at Future Shop


  • Saffant

    Why does WIND only get “new” phones that are already 6months old or so? Specifically, where’s the Sensation 4G (AWS version)?

    • Radar

      Well try to get this one Today – it is Pre-order only 🙂

    • DSTO

      Saffant – Wind just launched the Optimus 2x?… I’d take that over HTC Sensation.

  • EmperumanV

    +1 for HTC Sensation. In my opinion its better than the LG Optimus Black.

  • Lawrence K

    Will I be able to stuff my Rogers SIM card into this device, enter an unlock code, and use it on the Rogers network?

    Any suggestions on where I get the unlock code?


    • mmmGadgets

      Pacific Mall or Kijiji

    • JJ


  • caplin

    ebay. Dont pay more than $15 for it.

  • KC

    Well, I think Bell will get a few more pre-orders then Telus here. The HTC Sensation is a phone that people would actually pre-order as opposed to the LG Optimus Black Generic mid-range android #347 edition.

    Hey Telus, we all know how you love’s you some LG. But seriously, if you need to attach a gimmick on the end of the end of the phone’s name then the phone is not good enough on it’s own and you should not be selling it.

    Why let the competition have all the phones that people actually want to buy? Seriously, enough with the gimmicks like tacking on “4G” to a year old phone, or “skype edition” to a piece of crap phone to try and sell them. Just buy the phones that people WANT from the manufacturers and you won’t need gimmicks to sell them.

    Also, here’s a hint; LG has been losing market share faster then RIM and Nokia, but because they were always crappy no one’s posting headlines. The point is, people don’t seem to be liking their phones and maybe you should start thinking of broadening your horizons and looking to buy phones from companies that are not struggling to stay in the phone business.

    • Jack

      KC, your comment seems ill informed. Perhaps you should pick up IDC’s numbers for Q1/2 and notice that LG is neck and neck with Samsung in Canada for Smartphone market share and #1 in Feature phone market share, agreed feature phones are declining but that is a segment shift and not a revolt against LG as a manufacturer.

      As for the Optimus Black perhaps the biggest differentiator is one you don’t see till the phone is on in the light of day and that is the Nova display which is set at 700 nitz of brightness using the same battery consumption as iPhone. The difference is that when you are squinting to read your phone in the sunlight of our beautiful Canadian summer I will be able to browse with ease 😉

    • SP

      I think Jack has you on this one 😉

    • Kenypowa

      Jack, you may be right about LG marketshare in Canada, but Canada is a tiny market. LG has been losing marketshare worldwide, and they lost tons of money in the most recent quarters. On the other hand, HTC and Samsung Mobile is raking in shitload of money every quarter. Optimus Black is a mediocre phone, bugged down by LG’s OS; and it’s not in the same league as HTC Sensation.

  • monsterduc1000

    Bell seems to be the only one of the big three who is embracing the dual core revolution. Atrix, Sensation and Galaxy s2 (rumour?) coming to them? C’mon telus. You could have easily had the Lg Optimus 2x at least…

  • Marc

    I was about to head over to Future Shop to put a deposit on the Sensation but then I saw this:

    *Device will only be available for new activations or renewals*

    I guess they won’t be selling it outright :(. I don’t want/need a 3 year contract thank you very much.

    • Eric

      I am not a Bell customer and I had to sign up for 1-month service in order to purchase the Atrix back in March…So I assume you can do the same with the HTC…

    • Frank

      Im not sure if i want to like or dislike your comment 🙁

  • LeanNSupreme

    I’ll wait for the Galaxy S II from Bell. Hopefully they’ll allow people to purchase it without contract.

  • jon

    lol i think everyone is waiting for the s2. Btw anyone know sales numbers for the s2 so far?

  • dk

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii send me link of priece list of phones & models & and eny thing asle plezzz send early plezzzzzzzzz

  • Patrick

    can you really compar the lg optimus back to htc sensation super phone htc sensation is truly a better phone just look up the specs compare to the samsung galaxy 2 the htc phone is probly second best phone of the summer