Seesmic to stop supporting BlackBerry devices June 30th


  • Preacher

    42% is owner market share. not usage.
    if the average BB user only checks email and uses bbm, with the odd facebook or twitter update, then the average BB user isn’t important to an app company. If windows users spend more time playing with apps, then that smaller market share is more valuable.

  • Jerry

    I’m going to stop supporting Blackberry by July 30th when my Samsung Galaxy S2 comes. =)

  • Jess

    I’m confused. Who are Seesmic?

    I’ve been a Blackberry user for years now and I’ve never heard of them until this point. Twitter has its own official app, why would I need a third-party one?

  • hurricane_wolfy

    Aw man, with Seesmic gone how else am I going to ignore twitter and all other twitter related apps? Shucks

  • steve

    BlackBerry users stopped supporting Seesmic, the most mediocre Twitter app ever built for any platform, a long time ago. It is only normal that Seesmic now return the favour.

  • Dan J

    Bye bye RIM

  • You see me throlling

    BB is going to die. Apple too. At the end it will be Android and WP7.

  • sookster54

    Seemsic is about the best Twitter & Facebook app on Blackberry, Ubersocial isn’t that great and nor are the others and the stock RIM Twitter & Facebook apps blows. I use Seesmic on my Android, BB and PC via Adobe AIR, oh well guess I just won’t bother with Twitter at all on my BB.

  • sookster54

    OK, you like Ubersocial and its ad banner spam and tons of device permissions to access your personal information & location? And Twit Pro for $4? Why would anyone spend money on a Twitter app? And BB stock Twitter just plain sucks.

    Like I said Seemsic is pretty much the best Twitter app for BB, not anymore I guess.

  • Kenypowa

    When it rains, it pours. I am actually not surprised that some BB users never heard of Seesmic. Seesmic is actually a good twitter app on iOS and Android. The simple fact is there are many apps that are not available on BB OS.

  • kad

    twitter is for girls

  • John Bennett

    You’re starting see the beginning of the great App shakeout. Mobile developers need to hedge their bets, and choose platforms that have the best chance of survival.

    iOS and Android support is a no-brainer. The fact that Seesmic’s developers are supporting WP7, even with its current minimal market share, means that they believe Microsoft is serious about Mobile — and will be investing literally billions in the space over the next few years. The fact that they’re dropping support for Blackberry devices means they believe that RIM will not be able to compete.

    I think they’re right.

  • Barry Hughes

    Stick it up your A** Seesmic . I will always support rim and the best mobile phones in the world.

  • Chris R

    I’m beginning to despise the medias negative focus on Rim. All this Rim bashing equates to nothing more than institutional sellers pushing down the price of Rim shares so that they can load up on them at fire sale prices. Last time I checked, I have about 45 connections on BBM alone and they in turn have 45 connections or more of their own. Do the math. Blackberry users are a fiercely loyal bunch. While I believe that Rim has been slow to react to market conditions, they have laid the framework to launch some terrific devices on their Qnix platform. The Playbook, faults aside, is an amazing device. Its user interface is far superior to anything on the market, this is a fact. The media has been so in love with all things Apple that they forget that when Apple launched the iPhone, it was a piece of junk. It ran a buggy operating system and ran on 2G edge. But market conditions have changed, the product has evolved. But IOS still somewhat of an eyesore with clunky icons, an absurd file management system and the inability to customize something as simple as the text messaging sound. I mean, I’m no novice tech user, but why the hell should I have to jailbreak my phone just to get it to function the way I want it to? Whats even funnier is all this negative attention on Rim, when Windows Phone 7 device sales have been disastrous. Even a dealer confirmed to me that no one is interested in them, which is a shame cause its an amazing OS and the phones are rock solid! But again all this focus on RIM and their faults. Competition is good for consumers. The more innovation, the better. I for one will be purchasing a Bold 9900 on launch day. Lets be impartial mobilesyrup and not follow in the path of gossip mongering tech site …PS…Seesmic? never heard of them, so they wont be missed.

  • Keith

    I know people who love their Blackberries and do not plan on a change anytime soon. But they only use their BB for voice, email and text and none of them buy any apps or even look to see what is available. BB are awesome what they do but it is a stretch referring to them as smartphones and they are not app frienldy for users and especially not for developers.

  • John Ewanes

    My BB Bold was the biggest piece of junk I have ever seen. 2 Years of pure frustration, trying to install, uninstall apps. Thank God it packed it in, the screen literally went permanently white and beyond repair. The was barely any market to get them in the first place. Now I know what a real smartphone is. Talk about a company that does not know how to connect with its customers.

    Furthermore, the Playbook is the most useless tablet anyone can buy. All tablets are useless out of the box until you put dozens of applications on them, some free, some paid, and tailor it to your needs. The App market for the Playbook is dismal! Thus, making the Playbook and massive $500-600 useless & small screen BRICK!

    Anyone who owns one is just swimming against the current and in denial that this product is anything but on par with other tablets. Furthermore, it’s heavy, ugly and of useless proportions.