RIM cuts 200 jobs in Waterloo, report says


  • Preacher

    we plan on focusing on making newer and better products by reducing the number of people who can think of things and argue with the exciting stuff we have been re-using for the past 10 years

    • pr0cs

      you sir are destined for management

  • manuel

    And so it begins

  • Kenypowa

    This is very unfortunate. The co-CEOs who made poor decisions after poor decisions get to keep their jobs while engineers are punished for the comapny’s failing. As long as RIM’s current management structure remains unchanged, I’m afraid this is just just the beginning.

    • Jonesy1966

      How do you know these people were engineers? It’s just as likely it’s admin, sales or even warehouse staff, but more than likely a combination of all the departments. This type of speculation is just as bad as that the financial analysts have been taking part in over the last 18 months.

  • You see me throlling

    BB is canadian, eveything canadian is weak. Nuff’ Said’

    • b-dogg

      I don’t understand why you comment here. Your comments aren’t provocative enough to stir up any real sh*t, just barely enough to cause an eyeroll while clicking thumbs down…

  • Mel Salas

    This is what happens when you ignore all the peoples complaints, about how year after year their products start feeling, and looking the exact same, with no games, no smooth browser experience, and very frustratingly slow phones to do everyday things that should be quick and smooth.

    They doing that now with their “Liquid Graphics” for their upcoming phones.

    But look how long it took them to create something smooth.

  • Bob

    @You see me throlling, in another topic (the nokia one) you had said “Nokia ? Am i the only one who doesn’t give a damn about nokia stuff?
    Btw, winds sucks. Big 3 4 life”

    Now you are saying that everything Canadian is weak. The Big 3 are Canadian. Does that mean Rogers, Bell and Telus are weak?

  • Steelepunk

    Glad he never got that hockey team or it would have been run into the ground as well. Bettman did Hamilton a favour.

  • Nex

    I’m a student at University of Waterloo. Normally RIM hires dozens (maybe hundreds) of co-op students every term.

    I actually had applied to several positions within RIM this term, but they never filled any of them. I thought it was strange until this news started breaking out. It makes alot more sense now.

    So not only are they stripping out some employees, it appears they have reduced their incoming hires as well. (Including engineering hires)

    • Mr. Reg

      Excuse me sir, I don’t mean any disrespect but it’s not like you, nor anyone else is “entitled” to a job at RIM just because Waterloo’s campus is next door.

      People should be thankful that RIM hired so many people from Waterloo for co-op and later for careers.

      For the record, I like my Blackberry, my employees like theirs, and I love my playbook. This is coming from a guy who uses Apple computers in his office, macbooks and even owns an IPad 2.

      RIM makes great business phones, the antenna and call quality on the Curves we have are far better than that of the iPhone 4 (sadly) and many of the android phones.

      Just because a new OS has come out, or there are 100000000 games etc it doesn’t make a Blackberry obsolete.

    • Nex

      I never said anything about being ‘entitled.’ I pointed out that I have noticed first hand RIM drastically reducing their incoming hires, which has not been reported by the media. This is significant because it means this is not simply a ‘take the excuse to get rid of some useless people,’ but indicates that they are in a very bad spot at the moment.

      I owned a blackberry bold 9000 a few years ago. I really liked it. Unfortunately RIM has completely stagnated since then. The only good news recently has been the playbook, which is very very impressive in alot of ways. But, having seen the inside working culture of RIM first hand, they are very likely to let their new flagship tablet device stagnate as well. It’s obviously happening already. They haven’t shipped out a native email app. They aren’t doing enough to reach out to developers. They haven’t fixed their ridiculously bad development environment. The list goes on.

    • MR. Reg

      I am not saying that you’re a spoiled brat or anything, I’m just saying I find it rather odd that so many people are quick to jump on the bash RIM bandwagon and I may have read your words out of context.

      It’s like all the people who say WIND isn’t Canadian, they spend so much time bashing WIND and are not even defending the glorious Canadian company RIM?

      I think they need to put out a new storm with the same type of screen as the playbook, and ad some more processing power, bigger screen and higher resolution.

      I for one got over the “app craze” after a few weeks with my iPhone 4 (yes I have 1 BB and 1 iPhone 4 for myself). I think that alot of the APPS are over-rated junk. The only ones I really care for are the ones that related to speeding up my b
      business and phone banking etc.

      How many of you can REALLY say that you use all the apps you’ve purchased from the iPhone or Android app stores?

    • Nex

      I agree with you, for the most part. Thats why I think the playbook is a stellar product, despite the lack of apps.

      What worries me about it, however, is not so much the lack of apps. I am worried RIM will just stagnate with it just like everything else they’ve done in the past few years.

      The torch was supposed to be their big break and it released with mediocre specs at best. I waited for that phone to come out for 8 months before deciding to switch to the desire z. Even the torch 2, which isn’t even out yet, is already behind from the hardware point of view.

      RIM’s only problem is that they are too damn slow. Everything they do is too little too late, and this has just been compounding since android really started to take off.

      The playbook was a step in the right direction but it is already showing signs of stagnation. They should have been doing highly aggressive updates from day one. Instead, we’re still waiting for an email app. (I’m only using that as an example)

      They need to up their game or die, it’s as simple as that. And if they don’t do it soon, any momentum they have left will be gone and they will be fighting for marketshare just like Microsoft and Nokia.

    • Nex

      And just to clear the air, I was a diehard blackberry fan for a long time and it broke my heart the day the torch came out.

      I still think they are the ultimate tool for text-based and voice-based communication. You can’t beat their keyboards, and you certainly can’t beat the perfectly seamless integration of the various communication protocols. Their call quality is also top notch, and I’ve been hard pressed to see any other phone match RIM.

      For everything else, in the face of the competition, they are hopeless.

  • BigBill

    The only 2 people who should be laid off are Balsilly and Lameitus. They have both totally lost it! Think of the savings and efficiencies gained by dumping these two fossils.

  • kieren

    Thank god, gotta love the free market 😀

  • Adam

    200 rimjobs gone?

  • dave

    Sure it does. Just watch. You are like them.

  • bummy

    Sony Ericsson went thru the same “streamlining operations”.

    Better phones came out of it.

    • Jake

      So did Apple.
      RIM is on the right path and shares are a bargain for those willing to hold onto them for a couple years.

  • Verno

    I agree with Mr Reg, BB makes a great business phone, with excellent security, calendars, QWERTY boards, call quality etc. Unfortunately the surge of smart phones has created a need for games and social apps where RIM has fallen short.
    RIM please upgrade the Bold for the working class in mind at the Curve price and the next Storm with the IPhone in mind for the touch screen gamers.
    We don’t need Curves and Pearls….

    • MR. Reg

      Agreed with Verno, some spruced up BB’s with more power and better touch screens would really help, as long as they don’t make them cost too much.

    • Nex

      I view the curves and pearls and exceptionally good dumbphones, not smartphones. And that is perfectly alright. There is certainly market demand for them still.

      However, RIM has been lacking a flagship device which competes against the best google and apple has to offer. You simply can’t run a high profile tech company like that. Tech has to trickle down to the low end devices

  • MR. Reg

    And yeah, one of the major things I love about BB’s is the QWERTY keyboard, I can type on nearly any of the traditional shaped ones without looking. Honestly simple stupid keyboard > a lot of weak touch screen phones.

  • Wooot

    The main problem with blackberries is that they always are 2 or 3 years too late.

  • You see me throlling

    I wanted to have the most disliked comment. 57! wow

  • Vidman

    It’s harder to get a RIM job in Waterloo these days..