WIND Mobile LG Optimus 2X gets pictured, launch imminent


  • Jess


    • Jim


  • big mike

    Great phone, but the battery life really sucks. Hopefully they worked that out.

    • Copolii

      I have the g2x (tmo branded version of this) and have no problems with the battery.

  • Syrenz

    Plz do a giveaway on this one… and make me win it.

    One of the best devices available working on Wind’s network.

  • Mark

    Finally, a phone for Wind to COMPETE!

  • SaHiL

    550? or 500?

  • Sean

    And these are the kind of phones that get peoples attention and will get them customers.

  • kjags

    im guessing the price: $549.95
    on a tab: $400.

    is it really worth it?

  • dominoes20

    Running Android 2.2? Shame. Hopefully XDA has developed a Gingerbread ROM for this device.

  • hurricane_wolfy

    Good for them for getting great phones…when do they get a good network?

  • Matt

    Releasing on the 23rd for 445. You heard it here first.

  • blackberryhomeboy

    Life’s Garbage.

  • kjags

    very nice price! i also wish wind would introduce a 2yr contract or something for $300 or so dicount…

    cheaper than nexus s and panache? i this is 445 then the others should be 400.

    • Matt

      295 on the Tab, as I’m told.

  • Fred Sanford

    Wind has to brush off their reputation of dropping the ball when it comes to handsets(flooding their inventory with cheap phones noone wants, saddling up with Androids with no manufacturer support, etc), and bringing in this impressive phone will be a definite step in the right direction. In the last few months Mobilicity trumped them twice, first with Nexus being(at the time) 25 dollars cheaper, then introducing the HTC Panache. While the Panache looks like a fine phone in its own right, the Optimus will blow it out of the water. Hopefully all the software bugs are fixed and a 2.3 upgrade is on its way

  • Bri

    2.2 Froyo lol…

  • big mike

    I have the Tmobile version running CM7 (Cyanogen Mod 7). Like i said its an awesome phone, but the battery is really crap. CM 7 improves it ever so slightly.

  • roman129

    Despite the extra cpu core, the Nexus S is probably a more future proof phone. I mean, 2.2? Come on… If LG feels like it, you may get Gingerbread by the time Ice Cream rolls around…

  • ruaman

    Go WIND go…!!!

  • phil

    this is a sick pick-up for wind! way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pasuljko

    It’s good to see WIND getting some new hardware but if this thing is priced higher than Nexus S, I don’t see why would anybody buy it?

  • Terry

    It doesn’t matter if it comes with 2.2. The question is will it be upgradable to 2.3.

    If not, then Nexus S is the better choice…For people who even know what the difference is.

    • Johnn

      OK – I’ll bite: What is the difference?

    • Eric

      At Google I/O, they mentioned that a group of manufacturers will now support updates 18 months from the date that these devices were first released. LG was in one of those manus. Now, in terms of the timeliness of the update, that’s still something to be worked out. Also, I don’t know what the consequences are for not adhering to these rules and I question how this will be enforced. That being said… they ‘promised’ that these updates will be rolling out so that’s something I guess.

  • Brad

    I think it depends on hardware vs software. Hardware wise the Optimus looks miles ahead of the Nexus, however, with the Nexus you have guaranteed first dibs on updates, apps, etc. With the Optimus you have to look at the worst case scenario of being stuck with 2.2(which is unlikely but who knows)

    Looking at the specs though I am definitely tempted to roll the dice with the Optimus…but that depends on the price

  • saffant

    Hmm… this vs Sensation.. G2x i might’ve considered tad more than this… but the Optimus 2x… meh.. same phone but shitty UI kills the deal for me. Sensation i suppose it is.

  • saffant

    Also.. Nexus S sucks… why does everyone keep upgrading old gen phones to new ones.. Gingerbread for this comes out in June-July (this summer.. as LG as said), so we’re good there.

    Nexus S can barely even record in HD.. if i wanted a phone for its software triumphs alome.. i wud go with Windows Phone 7. Hardware matters 😉

    • Accophox

      3 words:

      Future updates guaranteed.

  • dave

    I’m thinking it will stay @ 2.2. What’s LG’s track record like?

    When are they going to learn to quit being fools and adding in their crap so they can’t update

  • bob

    Well I’m picking up one as soon as its launched baby luv you wind

  • Mark

    This will be a fine addition to their product line. Hopefully Wind is able to push 2.3 out the door for this device fairly soon, they really have no reason not to seeing how this is running a stock version of Android 2.2 either way I’m pleased to see this device.

  • Big 3

    Wind, I do like that you are having a better smartphone lineup but can you stop marking up your phones and having similar prices like the Big 3(i’m sure you buy the phones at wholesale prices)? Your Tab option isn’t helping to bring down the cost of good devices to affordability. Please have contracts up to 2 years to bring it down to a free device. Provide us with more financing options!

    • Brad

      go back to Robellus then, otherwise quit whining

  • Question

    is this the same phone that suffers from screen leakage, and if so is it fixed now or is it noticeable?

  • MR. Reg

    Oh look WIND is still in business, where’s the FIST PUMP NATION (J, T, R) with their prediction that they would be out of business.

  • Branden

    Good job for wind, unfortunately I have not had great experiences with LG phones, my money will settle elsewhere.

  • Radar

    This is an amazing phone! Thank you WIND – I hope it will be under $500 !!!!!!!

  • iBerry

    It will be available for $450!

  • david


    • Michael

      lol, so is Samsung. xD

  • maninwhite

    still waiting for a windows phone 7 handset.When Wind?

  • Saffant


    I’m aware of that… but like i said.. that’s the ONLY advantage it has… and geez sure im going to miss out on attractive new features such as “video conferencing” .. dunno about ya but im good with that.. my dualcore and Tegra 2 will do me just fine.

  • Paul

    Yeah Nexus s is better form and factor and software – but in these days when new OS requirements are banking on the rapid increase of hardware I gotta think Optimus 2x got a better shot of being relevant when ice cream rolls. Think about guys, 2x’s Tegra 2 chip is gonna be in a lot of tablets, so Google got no choice but to optimize it for Ice creme. I’m thinking they gonna unleash both cores for us in 2012.