Over 20 new games coming to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, 10 exclusives


  • Junaid

    Its good to see play pushing gaming on android

  • HK_Forever

    Exclusively for PLAY owners for its first month on sale.

  • caplin

    Ambitious game designers. Making games for such an exclusive device.

  • lukeiphone

    For some reason I am not attracted towards this phone.

  • grimconch

    It should just come with some SNES ROMs, I bet that’s what everyone will get it for.

  • android123

    minecraft exclusively for the play? there goes my visions of minecraft on my smartphone/tablet :/

  • Jenny

    I LOVE this phone and its AWESOME for playing NES, GENESIS, SNES, MAME (Arcade), Nintendo 64, and Playstation one games!!! Controls are PERFECT, nice big 4″ display, and you don’t have you thumbs blocking the view! It just came out and is already amazing I can’t WAIT to see all the new games!!! ^_^