Mobilicity terminates 3 of their top executives

Here’s some unfortunate news for Friday. After recently celebrating their first year in business we’ve learned that Mobilicity has let go some of their management team and a number of Senior Directors. What we know for sure is that Doug Perry (Vice President of Sales), Sara Moore (Vice President of Marketing) and Sharyn Gravelle (Vice President of Network Operations) are all no longer with the company (but still listed on the company website).

We have reached out to Mobilicity for further details and understanding.

Update: We received an response from Mobility and Stewart Lyons, Chief Operating Officer, stated the following: “Like many organizations, which evolve from a ‘build’ to operational phase, we have streamlined our management team to reduce redundancies and improve efficiencies. These strategic alignments, along with having recently raised $215 million in new financing, will ensure our long-term success as we remain committed to providing a growing number of Canadians with incumbent-like wireless quality enhanced by a value proposition that is unparalleled in this country.”