Virgin Mobile will release the HTC WildFire S


  • Zirian

    Any phone Bell launches, Virgin launches too heh. However, does Virgin sell tablets?

    • Brayden

      No, but we do have tablet prices. $35 for up to 5 GB. Bring one in, and we can sell a SIM, and hook it up.

  • Don

    Uhm, how’s this phone different than the HTC Legend? Except that it has Android 2.3 and probably Sense UI 3.0.

    • bob

      HTC, even if they can make good phones, always releases the same phones 2 or 3 times, with minor modifications.

  • RoccoStiff Reddi

    Is WIND even in business anymore? no phones in stock and none to be released? oh well seems the talk is true.. the court took the wind out their sails..

    quashed jabronied and outsourced and now Mike jones!

  • Woot

    It would be a good deal for people that want a cheap smartphone with a cheap monthly plan without data.

    For exemple $0 on 3 year/supertab and you can get the 35$ unlimited plan, no data required.

  • Hi

    Bell owes Virgin Mobile, so of course they are going to come out with the same phones. The things is that it’s a cheap phone which is good, compared to Samsung Galaxy S which is like $500 bucks plus taxes. That’s why a lot of people are on 3 year contracts. They are paying more money at the end of the three years, like $2200 without taxes.

    • NoName

      Bell doesnt own Virgin they have a licensing agreement for the brand.

  • BuyerBeware

    Virgin Mobile is terrible. I am on a 2 year contract thats almost up, and I am so excited to leave! If chosing to buy from them, go with the 3 yr term over the supertab. If you were to get the HTC Incredible S with $450 on your supertab, the tab would take 7.5 years to fully pay off the tab with a $50/month plan. You could still get $450 off the phone with a 3 yr, and its 4.5 years shorter. SCAM

    • Brayden

      The Supertab isn’t really based for higher end smartphones. We tell people this at our kiosk all the time. However, if you plan on switching phones all the time, it is a better option the a 30 day term, because, in the end, you still are saving yourself around 80 bucks. On the same token, the Supertab is great for talk and text phones. No fixed term contract, so if you feel like upgrading, or cancelling an $80 phone one month in, your max you will ever pay is $80 – 10% of first months bil, compared to a 3 year term elsewhere, with a max buyout of up to $600.

      In the correct context, the supertab is awesome.

    • Denniz

      khalilآبان ۳, ۱۳۹۰ salam admin jan ba arze puzesh ta un jai ke man serch krdaam galaxy 10.1 p71oo durbine poshti 8 dare va 7500 3 va p7100 kart khan hamdare age eshtebah mikonam khahesh mikonam rahnemai konid

  • crunch204

    Straight Up