HTC is having a “Meet Up” in Vancouver, Toronto & Montréal (See Alexander Graham Bell’s early sketch of the telephone)


  • jad


    • Guy

      You fail.

    • Colin

      That is so last year.

  • Jonathan

    Hope they will have french people for the Montréal presentation.

    • Red Foreman

      f**k that, learn the language or don’t attend

    • Learn English you knobs

      Learn the superior language of English you knobs. English is the number 1 language of the world, bout time you knobs in Quebec learn this language. Stop being so dumb and forcing your pathetic French language on the rest of Canada. 99% of the Canadian population speak English, which should tell you something that your 1% of your pathetic French means nothing

  • Fox

    Would love to see this come to Atlantic Canada which happens to house the Alexander Graham Bell museum…just saying. 🙂

  • Shnur

    When when when when? I’m totally going to see it, since I live in Montreal 🙂

  • TheTigerTek

    How do RSVP?? I want to get my hands on the HTC Flyer… I doubt its better than my PlayBook… phone OS even HoneyComb not a big fan of it.

  • Kiff

    Does this costs money?

  • BalouQc

    To @Learn English you knobs and @RedForman.
    God forbid you show some real brains and learn 2 languages even if it’s not French, the more languages the better unless you really want to stay in your silly hick-town in Ontario (I’d be willing to bet on Sault Ste-Marie) Restez ignorants pauvres unilingue anglo-Canadien…