Solo Mobile axes 6-month promos and permanently puts Unlimited plans $10 cheaper


  • Alex Perrier

    Monkey see, monkey do.

    Also, i have a friend who signed up for Chatr during “$25 for six months, $35 after”. She was then updated to the lower price of $25 for as long as she wishes

  • Rich

    A step in the right direction, but I still wish they’d stop bundling features and let you fully customize your plan for savings.
    ie: Many of us don’t need canada-wide calling, let us trade it in or drop it off completely for a discount.

    • len

      Carriers are scared of becoming dumb pipes. Basically, the only thing most people will need in 3 years is data. That is also the lowest profit service they offer. That’s why they don’t offer unlimited and the push you into bundles that have sms and calling features. If the geeks stop getting sms plans and just using talk or what ever, that’s just a little less reason for others to get thouggs services, over time there cash cow would shrink. They want everyoe using sms.. uses 1/100th the bad width of 1 second of voice but cost 100 times more for the consumer.

  • Alex Perrier

    The prices are mostly right, but it may be a better move to lower them by maybe $5. Such plans are a reason to end a costly but barely useful home phone service.

    But a Virgin Mobile representative at The Source told me that Solo is not the way to go. They poorly advertise, plus the store told me they sell almost none.

    Will Bell pull the plug on their sister brand? Only time will tell.

  • koodkoodo

    i too wish they’d let you fully customize your plan 🙁
    koodo has something close (build your own), but i’d like to be able to choose EVERYTHING, including data usage, minutes, texting, etc.

    my optimal plan:
    50minutes, 2500 texts, 100mb data. for $15 – $20.

    all carriers (or atleast discount carriers) should have a $10 base plan including:
    unlimited incoming texts, 50 outgoing text, 50minutes.

    • len

      I feel your pain. My optimal plan is unlimited data… nothing else. Use skype/google for everything else. But sadly carriers are going to deny us the services we want and force us to use their high profit services as long as they can.

  • allalala


    koodo should add a 2500text options maybe for like $3.50?
    also, they need to make plans/an add-on with a fixed data usage.

    all i need is 100mb a month but i don’t want to pay $10 for that…

    some good plan ideas: (KoodoDave look here!)
    excuse my lame plan names lol

    $15 – Street Combo
    50 minutes
    50 texts
    25mb data

    $25 – Social Combo
    50 minutes
    2500 outgoing texts
    100mb data
    Caller ID

    $35 – All Day Err’ Day Combo
    Unlimited Local/Family Calling
    Unlimited Texts
    100mb data
    Caller ID

    2500 texts: $3.50
    Unlimited texts: $5
    50MB Data: $2
    100MB Data: $3.75

    With any plan $35 or more:
    add either:
    unlimited texting
    100 extra minutes
    early 5pm evenings + weekends
    250mb data

  • Justin Credible

    Screw that, unlimited is the way to go. Nobody should have to count minutes, texts or megabytes….period.

    And now it’s possible to have everything for around $50/month (totally unheard of just a couple years ago) so I don’t see any reason people have home phones or could ever desire having capped features EVER again.

    • Justin Credible

      ….hell, nobody would have thought we could ever get unlimited everything for under $100/month a couple years ago. Bloody hell, $50 is simply a steal, even compared to our USA counterparts.

      One thing I’ve learned though….even if carriers offered unlimited everything for $2, people here would say “Well I don’t need unlimited, so why don’t you give me a thousand minutes for only $1 instead?”


  • Alex Perrier

    Nobody complains for home phone, which is unlimited local calls. They should include Call Display at no extra charge, however.

    Solo advertises much less than Virgin or Bell. Some Bell stores have a little display, some do not at all. It’s good to see unlimited calling on the Big 3 networks. But there should be more commercials if they want to sell Solo plans.

  • Eric

    can i sign a contract to get a freee blackberry curve 8530?

  • Peter

    why would you want to pay $35 for only canada wide calling, when you can pay $40 with Mobilicity and get canada wide calling, unlimited text, picture messaging, U.S calling, international text messaging, and unlimited data. If solo is only offering canada wide calling the price should be only $10-$15 per month, anything higher than that is a rip off.


    Note that you can only get Solo’s unlimited plans by 1) giving them access to your bank account or 2) constantly buying top-up cards. It’s very inconvenient.

    If you want to get a bill every month like you do from Wind or Mobilicity you can’t get an unlimited plan.

    What a terrible business plan Solo.

  • roger

    they owe me 30.00 after i canceled there service and havent received anything there going down anyway bell is feading this dead company go to any of there bell stores they dont recomende to use

  • Raiph

    I use chatr, and so far so good. They have the $35 plan that is everything unlimited except for data, plus I get a $10 credit every month. I’m waiting for a solid company to come with a cheap data add-on feature, than am going to hop on the CANADIAN blackberry!

    • Dave

      “$10 credit every month”
      How? where? LOL

  • roger

    i got back my money but dont now how they servive