Q1 2011 mobile phone shipments hit 371.8 million

IDC has released their quarterly Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker report and again it gives insights into from the top 5 handset makers and the number of devices shipped. In total there was an astonishing 371.8 million devices shipped (19.8% increase from last year) and Nokia is still king with 108.5 devices shipped (29.2% market share). Following is Samsung with 70 million devices shipped (18.8% market share) and LG which took a massive dive with only 6.6% market share. Apple once again is showing they are ready to compete as they shipped 18.7 iPhones and now captures 5% of market share with only one device.

IDC stated in a release that manufacturers are making more affordable smartphones and “Even popular quick-messaging devices (phones with a QWERTY keyboard), once a bright spot within the feature phone market, appear to be losing steam as smartphones gain popularity. Still, IDC does not expect feature phones to disappear quickly as there is still strong demand across the globe”. Specific to Canada, IDC says the Canadian market grew thanks to best sellers of “BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices”.

Source: IDC
Via: IntoMobile