Bell will release the HTC WildFire S, tentatively scheduled for June 17th


  • Cody

    okay, time to announce TELUS getting the Desire S, and hopefully the Sensation too 🙂

  • Abby Weed

    As a SaskTel Dealer, I’d like to thank your tipster for tipping you as well – now we can all be in the dark!

    • MuffTuff

      I don’t understand what you are trying to say…


    Colos is ugly

  • sdkajsdklgj

    i wish it wasn’t so wide…… very uncomfortable to hold in the hand.

    • kenypowa

      this phone is tiny, what are you talking about?

    • sdkajsdklgj

      but its very wide in comparison to its length. awkward to hold.

  • Rich

    This looks like another “release it and forget it” phone. Worth a contract? No.
    Software Updates? Probably just 1.


    HTC is actually pretty good at releasing updates unlike some other companies!! Just ask the Wind fanboys who bought the x720.

  • mda

    At Vodafone, it’s priced at $140-no contract.
    So it should be pretty cheap.

    • angela swank

      Hye mda …….i suggest you to log on to in which other then Vodafone there are some pretty cool offers with networks like Orange, T-Mobile etc. ……….Thanks…….

    • mda

      I went to but it doesn’t seem to be a legit website.

  • Dexter

    I would hope this phone comes in with a low price considering the Incredible S is a much better device and this has very similar specs to the HTC Legend which Bell had a year ago. Seems like a weird product to launch in my opinion.